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FSA 2.0 lists

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So I've got a 750 point "try out 2.0" tournament coming out So I got a list idea based on the models I have and maybe some extra (ie. So far only the FSA Shadowhunter Box).




Liberty + shield (3) – 230

Boston- 145

3x Georgetowns + Rockets- 210

4x Augusta- 120

2x Springfields- 40

6x Turtles




I'd just need to get 2 Springfields from somewhere.

The idea is that you rely on using the Boston to knock down defensive tech like Shields and Jammers with its Node Projector and hammer what I can from long range shots as much as possible with the Liberty and Georgetowns.

Essentially try to destroy their smalls and mediums first in order to deal with their larges later with massed fire and boarding.


Sound workable? 

What list ideas are you working on?

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I don't personally care for the Springfields... They may do well as additional sharpshooters. Are your planning on attaching them to the Boston or Liberty? Also, that said are you planning on using them as more of an offensive force or defensive with proactively trying to reduce the AP of potential boarding threats? 


I've thought of their aggressive defensive use but I haven't quite imagined how it would actually be achieved because your opponent will normally be making moves to do their best boarding attacks.


Other than that, there's really not much that I can think you can change. The Shadowhunter list looks to be a solid one, and without buying excessive additional models for replacing your current units the only thing you're missing from the box is the corvettes, and I don't think I'd care to take anything out other than the springfields to replace them with.

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Yeah, I just don't really think the +2 AA/CC will really do much. I agree that there really doesn't seem to be anything else to change though without fully changing up the list, which as I said would be difficult without buying substantially more on top of the Shadowhunter box.


The Springfields never did anything for me in 1.0-1.1, and now unless I'm going to be taking an "assault" BB as a second or third BB or know I'll be playing against an opponent who is very boarding-centric I really don't see them doing much for me in 2.0 now that they only link auxiliary defenses.

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While I'm new at the game, I personally find the Revere's more useful than the Augusta. Yes, they only have the one volley gun, but they are 50% cheaper, double the ap, reckless crew (great for boarding) and are considerably faster (17" in a sprint). Deploy them in front of a medium, and have them rush the squadron, shoot one (12 AD for the whole squad is good) and try to board another. Or use them as mobile anti-air units thanks to the volley guns.  


All in all, I'd put a full squad of reveres and two augustas, just to round the numbers. You may use them to finish a small or attack SAS, but they'll still be more useful than Springfields in most cases. 

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The Revere is actually good this edition which is a refreshing change of pace.

But the Augusta went from very good to great in my opinion. They function in different roles, as they should. The Revere is a fast boarding threat with more of a chance of crippling ships than actually capturing them because they will be taking a lot of damage in return.

The Augusta's are substantially more tough with both +1 DR/CR. And with their redoubtable guns they have an excellent 18 dice in RB 1 and 14 in RB 2.

I think both ships are excellent but you just have to play them to their strengths and the Augusta's will be more of a reliable workhorse with the Revere a bit of a one shot pony. I personally feel the Revere is better for a second/third round small choice.

But it is a good idea to investigate how the fleet would work with Reveres.

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Yes, I have identified this use as all but currently have never really have felt a need for it.

My consistent opponents play KoB, CoA, Ottomans, RoF, and have only played against PE a couple of times in the very beginning of the game. Coupled with my belief that due to the lack of forward facing firepower, and lack of reliable AP reduction prior to getting into boarding range my lone Independence does not want to go on the offensive getting in my opponents strong RB when it is really better suited to staying back in RB 3-4.

I'll save my boarding adventures for my Valley, Lee's, Reveres, and possibly cruisers. All of which can't use Springfields. Maybe if my opponents get better boarding factions or the Independence is moved from a "budget" Liberty into a decent close ranged vessel.

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Quick Q. When looking at the stats for the turtles I noticed there is a points value to them. I'm assuming this is for the calculation of VP, but I believe there is an idiom about assumptions... Do I still need to include the cost of the turtles in my list?

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