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Missions and Scenarios

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Hello everyone,


today I gathered some missions and scenarios for armoured clash, so you may test and enjoy them, too. If you have tips, suggestions or thoughts, regarding (these) scenarios yourself, please tell me...


How to play these missions:

I made cards for every mission. After placing terrain, before deployment, every player draws 1 card and knows about his objective. Of course you keep it secret. We usually play with stuff as factories, town center, mission objektives etc. on the battlefield.



here you can find the cards (Assault & Assault II belong together):





Break through enemy lines

Your Radio is blocked and you have to get important information to your general.


Mission Objectives:

Get at least one Ground Unit

across the Battlefield (your opponents table edge).

The Informant

One of our Spies hides inside Town. Rescue him.


Mission Objectives:

Rescue the informant out of the Town-Centre and bring him across your table edge.

Prevent Enemy from…

Our enemy must not fulfill his objectives.


Mission Objectives:

Prevent enemy from succeeding. Take an unmodified Command Test on black dice the start of the 3rd turn and all subsequent turns, requiring 2 successes to pass. If passed, your opponent reveals his Mission.

Occupy Factories

We need those supplies!


Mission Objectives:

If you Occupy both Factories at the end of 4th, 5th or 6th turn the enemy has to take a break test. If he doesn’t succeed, you win. If he succeeds, play another turn.

Strategic Supremacy

The enemy’s commanders must die.


Mission Objectives:

Destroy all enemy HQ models.

Communication Supremacy

Get those Radios!


Mission Objectives:

This is a 2 player objective. If you drew this mission: show immediately. Place 2 Radio Towers along the centerline of the battlefield. The only objective of this battle is to claim both Radio Towers.

Cast them out

This is our land. Get out!


Mission Objectives:

Destroy 2/3 of the enemy’s Brigade (point value).

Sweeping evidence

The Commander of the rebellion hides inside Town. Get him and destroy all evidence of our alliance.


Mission Objectives:

Board the Town-Centre to capture the Commander. Than destroy it.


Town Centre:

Fort.-Large, Veteran, KR: 6/5/5, AckAck 3, AssaultPoints: 4


The Assault

Mission Objectives:

This is a 2 player objective. If you drew this mission: show immediately. Your enemy places 1 Command Centre and 2 Shield Towers around the center of his deployment zone, as if he would have an additional fortification formation. The only objective of this battle is to destroy the Command Centre


Command Centre:

Fort.-Large, Veteran, KR: 6/6, AckAck 3, AssaultPoints: 4

Generator: Shield Generator (1)


Shield Tower:

Fort.-Large, Regular, KR: 6/6, AckAck 2, AssaultPoints: 4

Generator: Guardian Generator (4” 1)

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