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675th Ohobbodin Sphere Outriders

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First things First, Hello!. I've recently taken my first steps into FA and thought it about time i posted a few pictures and whatnot. 


After splitting the Battle for valhalla box set with a friend and introducing ourselves to the game, i quickly arrived at the conclusion that the Terrans were not for me (My friend had already settled on the Dindrenzi for his fleet). Following this conclusion, i promptly ordered the Sorylian patrol box and Kurak fleet manual and was not dissapointed! After swiftly falling in love with the Aesthetic, up close and personal playstyle and background of the lizards, i just had to paint something!

The background for the Sphere Outrider Fleets captured my imagination almost instantly, as did the artwork and colour scheme for the 675th Ohobbodin Sphere Outriders. Colour pallette and style then, was a no brainer. So i sat down and painted half a cruiser to test out stages and weathering. The results were pretty pleasing, so i thought i'd share them!






Hoepfully more pics to come soon!

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It was indeed freehand. It is however alot easier than it looks ;) The panels provide a nice guide, with each panel being 2 squares wide horizontally, I also refrenced the alliance of kurak fleet guide, trying as much as possible to follow the pattern in the 675th Ohobbodin artwork. This was great for seeing how the checks would inersect the horizontal panel lines. My secret weapon, a GW detail brush with about 60% - 70% of the bristles removed, proved super useful here too. I originally made it to fill in panel lines on tau battlesuits but it translated well to doing tiny checks! Heavily weathering is also great for hiding mistakes :D

Sure it takes forever (45 minutes - an hour) of pure orange checks to do one side of a cruiser, but it feels so good when it's done! I've since almost 100% finished a full cruiser now, i'll hopefully get another done soon and take some shots of them on some space background. 


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