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1000 Point Firestorm Armada Tournament @ Toy Soldier

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Heya gents.


We'll be holding our first Firestorm Armada Tournament at the Toy Soldier on Saturday May 17th 2014.
I'll be updating the details as we go, but I wanted to get this out there for anyone who would be interested and would appreciate as much time as possible to plan attending.


Firestorm Armada Tournament - 1000 Points
3 Rounds, Swiss Pairings. 150 minutes per round.
Entrance fee: $10 (all returned as prizes in form of Gift Certificate/Store Credit)
10:30AM Sign ups. 11AM Start time.

@ Toy Soldier
113B Main Street
Amesbury MA 01913


Hope to see many of you there!


Apologies: If a moderator could change the topic title to 1000 Point.. that would be much appreciated. /chagrined


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Oh, there will be plenty of people there playing trust me. I can think of 8 people that will be playing definitely. Personally, I get stressed out and rage quit after one round in tournament play. Give me nice long league games any time.

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Wait what? So it's going to be Klarg1 and I playing against each other?

Yer all a bunch-o-wusses ;).

Come play some games and have some fun! I'll even bring a crazy different Aquan list...


Actually, it's looking like I will not be able to make it on the 17th. (Well, I could probably make it, but I'd have to leave by around 3:30pm)

Maybe I'll play a side game with Noon :D

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