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Terran Battlestation (WIP) UPDATE 4/28/14

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Thanks for all the nice comments. I bought two of them. Not sure if I should paint the second the same or differently?

That's sick!

I do not have one and I did not realize there is an "inside" part. You could leave the top off and have two different stations.....

If someone was good at conversions, it would be easy to make a new top piece for the battlestaion.

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I had some request on what paint I used for the white.

First, washed the resin with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. This is important because I like to use acrylic primer. (Acrylic primers are cheat and I don't worry about the paint beading up. If you don't like the color you can easily strip the paint with the alcohol.)

I start with white Vallejo surface primer. I used a air brush to spray it on. The primer has flow agents. So it may look wet, but it will dry tight to surface. I recommend doing two lighter coats.

After letting the primer dry overnight. I use Vallejo Pale Grey Wash. I wash the whole figure with a larger flat brush. If it pools to much, just use the brush to clean it up. On larger ships, I will wash it in sections.

Lastly, I use a heavy dry brush of Vallejo Stencil from their Panzer Aces line. It's a great dirty white. You can also add highlights or clean ups by painting Stencil directly on.

Well hopefully that helps and it's very easy and fast. Just let the paint dry before you go on to the next step.


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