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BigRed's Shipyard: Scratch building the Russian Coalition

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Looking forward to see the end result


Thanks for the encouragement, I'm looking forward to it as well  :lol:


Here is an update, I was able to work on the top part of the fuselage:


IMG 4649


IMG 4650


More matte board, card stock and dowels with some balsa wood. The gears are plastic, I got them out of an old toy. The pipes are pony bead tubes with wire inside to help them hold shape. A bit more detailing work and it will be ready to glue on.


Hopefully more to come tomorrow as time allows.

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Nice work, keep going :)


I too have some gears salvaged from old army toys, I find it makes throwing them out easier to justify.... Do you have enough to make more bombers?


Thanks! Yeah I have a pile of plastic gears that I pull from when needed, making gears from wooden circles is doable but not convenient. This will most likely be the only heavy bomber I build, it has so far proven to be the most complex and difficult build I've done. But who knows, now that I've got the process down, another might be in the works, depending on how good the stats are... :ph34r:

Anyway the end is in sight, I was able to make more progress yesterday afternoon and today:


IMG 4651


IMG 4653

Last night was gluing on the wings and adding more to the top, including the piping that goes from the fuselage to the rear fins.

IMG 4652

Next was completing the rear

IMG 4654


and underside.


All that's left to do now is finish the nose, final detailing, and paint:


IMG 4655


IMG 4656


IMG 4657


Almost there!

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After a quick round of detailing on the nose and making a removable base, the Russian heavy bomber is finished!


IMG 4658


Here are some shots comparing it to my source material, the concepts posted by Spartan on their facebook page:


IMG 4661


IMG 4662


IMG 4660

With a wingspan of over 4 inches and a body length of 2.5 inches, this is quite a bomber. Can't wait to see the actual model spartan releases and really can't wait to see how big of a bombing run this thing can make. Until then, I can field it as a proxy for the Polish mercenary bomber.
I'll post another update after painting.

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Thanks so much everyone for the encouragement and feedback, I appreciate it. The awesome community is a big part of what makes this hobby so rewarding.

As promised, a painting update:


The two squads of Rostovs, finished and ready


IMG 4663


IMG 4664


IMG 4665


Also painted and ready, the Myshkins


IMG 4666


IMG 4668


IMG 4667


And finally, I can call this beast done, the heavy bomber


IMG 4669


IMG 4672


IMG 4670


Underside shot, the iceberg base is removable for easy storage


IMG 4673


Overall I'm very happy with the result, it was a complicated build and I learned a few new tricks. I'm looking forward to using the heavy bomber and Myshkins soon. The next step in the project will be to continue filling out the air fleet. Until then, here's a parting action shot of the new toys, couldn't resist  :)


IMG 4677


The Russian Coalition bomber group 'Vladislav' with fighter escort, advances to execute a punishing bombing run on a Prussian Empire long range patrol fleet

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Hello all, a small update tonight.

Finished up some small projects over the weekend:


IMG 4743


IMG 4744


One squadron of Veliky escorts.


IMG 4745


IMG 4746


Normal Novgorod in the back, the Velikys have heavy flak cannons instead of a mortar.


Also finished up the water base for my buddy's Callimachus orb.


IMG 4747


IMG 4748


IMG 4749


Still working on a land base for it but it's usable now. It may not be able to teleport a dreadnought into the backfield anymore, but that battle orb is seriously scary. 3d6 indiscriminate attack energy blasts are surely going to cause some problems for the Russians. 


More to come soon, working on a bigger project now.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the awesome words!

After a long winter vacation and other real life stuff, I am getting back to the hobby table. It's been a while since I last posted anything and I actually haven't worked on any Dystopian Wars related builds in a while but I wanted to give an update here on another project I just finished up. 


It isn't Russian, it isn't even from earth but it came out of my ship yard just the same:


IMG 4936


I made this as a Christmas present for a friend who is into sci fi.


IMG 4935


The under carriage


IMG 4933


IMG 4932


IMG 4934


Side and rear views


IMG 4937


The base


IMG 4938


IMG 4941


IMG 4940


IMG 4939

The finished product
It isn't for any game system in particular, just a build I've had in my head that I wanted to try. I haven't made up any back story for it, but it's a battleship size hull made by a human faction. The primary armaments are a pair of turret mounted railguns on top and bottom along with two big missile bays on the sides for long range punch. It has a secondary armament of 20 laser turrets along the broadsides.
Thanks again for the comments and apologies for the off topic post, but I wanted to give everyone an update that I am indeed still scratch building. My next update will most likely be for the Prussian Empire but after that my Russians will be getting some attention again.

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Hello all, back with an update for the Russians.

After giving a lot of attention to the Prussians, it's back to my goal of filling out my Russian air.

Joining the fleet with this update are the Saransks:


IMG 5015


IMG 5016


IMG 5017


IMG 5018


I am looking forward to trying these out in my next game.

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Just amazing!!!!!!!!

Do you have a blog? It would get to see more step by step instruction to teach or inspire others.

Do you make your own flight stands?


I don't maintain a proper blog, just this thread where I post my progress. I will try to keep in mind doing more step-by-steps, and yes I make my own flight stands. Thanks for the encouragement, work and other issues have cut into my hobby time lately so I feel progress updates are few and far between.

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