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Your Firestorm Fleet Count

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On 1/19/2018 at 9:45 PM, reddwarf said:

Dear God.  Frans, you need to sit down with someone and have a long talk about spending priorities :)

Alrighty, better keep my mouth shut about my 15mm WW2 collection then... ;)

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Here we go.

My 501st Terrans

1x Tyrant

1x Apollo

1x Razorthorn

1x Solar

6x Teutons

3x Sentinals

3x Horizons

3x Harpoons or Perseus depending on my mood.

6x Wayfarers

6x Pilgrims used as proxies for Wayfarers

8x Armsmen 

4x Nadirs

1x Valhalla class space station

Now for my Dindrenzi Dark Knights of Dramos

1x Decurion

1x Velites

6x Pugios

Hopefully my list will expand over time.

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