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Your Firestorm Fleet Count

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1 Apex Class Dreadnought

1 Nexus Class Battleship

1 Theridian Class Carrier

3 Assassin Class Cruisers

3 Huntsman Class Heavy Cruisers

3 Araneae Class Shunt Cruisers

8 Widow Class Frigates

4 Nidus Class Frigates

6 Wolf Class Escorts




1 Hulaka Class Dreadnought

1 Kindartu Class Battleship

8 Tindaku Class Cruisers

10 Shaniri Class Frigates

9 Larshan Class Escorts/Corvettes

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1 Tyrant Battleship

1 Apollo Battleship

2 Marshal Bettlecruisers

1 Ares Carrier

6 Hermes Cruisers

3 Harpoon Torpedo Cruisers

1 Aegis cruiser

3 Artemis destroyers

2 Perseus Light Cruisers

8 Armsmen Frigates

4 Missionary Frigates

12 Wayfarer Frigates

6 Guardián Escorts



2 Excelsior Battleship

6 Resolute Cruisers

8 Endeavour Frigates

3 Stalwart Escorts

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I won't list ll of them but I have a Count

260 painted models or Tokens for Armada,

main fleet is aquan with 122 models 8 (taskforce starter) of them unpainted

followed by terran with 45 models (+4 unpainted) and hawker with 31 (only half of them painted, but on the desk)

and about 100 unpainted models.;-(

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On its way/ordered: my first FA fleet.

  • 1 Kraken Class Dreadnought
  • 1 Maelstrom Class Battleship
  • 1 Charybdis Class Carrier
  • 1 Oannes Class Heavy Carrier
  • 1 Nectridea Class Carrier
  • 1 Dagon Class Battle Carrier
  • 2 Orca Class Battlecruisers
  • 2 Shiva Class Gunships
  • 2 Sulis Class Cruisers
  • 4 Namazu Class Heavy Cruisers
  • 4 Isonade Class Cruisers
  • 4 Limulus Class Assault Cruisers
  • 3 Stingray Class Destroyers
  • 12 Chimaera Class Frigates
  • 4  Antiarchi Class Frigates
  • 6 Snapper Class Corvettes
  • 6 Kappa Class Escorts,
  • 12 Large SRS Tokens and 12 Small SRS Tokens
  • 1 Vortex Class Battle Station
  • 4 Cyclone Class Defence Platforms
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2 anarchist battle ships

1 directorate carrier

1 directorate battlestation

2directorate battle cruisers

1 works raptor assault carrier

2 works raptor battle cruisers

4 works raptor destroyers

4 works raptor torpedo cruisers

4 turmoil R&D cruisers

3 tormentor R&D cruisers

4 anhilation class gunships

6 directorate cruisers (interchangeable heavy/normal)

4 directorate defense platforms

3 champion cruisers

8 drones

16 liquidators

3directorate escorts

 4 works raptor corvettes

6 impact light frigates

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Directorate & Works Raptor

Anarchist Battleship

Eliminator Battleship

Dominance Carrier

Attrition Assault Carrier

2 Deterrent Battlecruisers

4 Interdictor Torpedo Cruisers

3 Abraxas Cruisers/Subjugator Heavy Cruisers (Magnetised)

3 Champion Cruisers/Ascendancy Escort Carriers (Magnetised)

2 Nemesis Destroyers

8 Liquidator Frigates

6 Impact Light Frigates

4 Hostility Drones

4 Tyranny Corvettes

3 Suppression Escorts


Foundry Dreadnought

Executive Battleship

3 Auditor Gunships

4 Paradigm Escort Carriers/Representative Light cruisers (Blu-tak...no spots for magnets, cheers SG...)

18 Synergy Corvettes

Kurak Alliance

Excelsior Battleship

Regent Carrier

Shautrai Battlecarrier

5 Resolute Cruisers

3  Stalker Assault Cruisers/Carnivore Heavy Cruisers (Magnetised)

2 Hokita cruisers

4 Hantari Cruisers

8 Endeavor Frigates

5 Shaniri Frigates

6 Larshan Escorts/Corvettes

3 Stalwart Escorts


Repair Platform

Scavenger Patform

Deliverance Ark

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oh I also have the overseers gate and probe :)

oh and @Bessemer, any tips on magnetizing the champion? I just got those today actually :) but looking at the design I'm only seeing one good place to put a magnet, does the ascendancy piece rotate or shift a lot? any tips/ advice is appreciated :) 

(I've magnetized my cruisers, but I had 2 points of contact)

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Titan Dreadnaught

Apollo Battleship

Tyrant Battleship

Palisades Station (3 platforms)

Ares Carrier

Solar Carrier

4 x Hauberk Heavy Cruiser

5 x Aegis Shield Cruiser

2 x Teuton Cruiser

3 x Harpoon Cruisers

3 x Assault Cruisers

3 x Artemis Destroyer

4 x Missionary Frigate

8 x Armsmen Frigate

4 x Nadir Frigates

6 x Wayfarer Light Frigate

3 x Squire Escort


Alkonost Assault Carrier

3 x Arual Assault Cruisers

3 x Turale Torpedo Cruisers

4 x Sular Frigates


Predator Battleship

3 x Prowler Gunship

3 x Carnivore Heavy Cruiser

3 x Stalker Assault Cruiser

3 x Savage Destroyers

5 x Reaver Corvettes


Excelsior Battleship

Regent Carrier

3 x Resolute Cruisers

4 x Endeavour Frigates

3 x Stalwart Escort

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On ‎22‎.‎08‎.‎2017 at 10:41 PM, CorroPredo said:

All I can say is it's over 800 ships....

more then I have!
,my ship count is 482 painted ships including srs Tokens, and about 150 unpainted ones in boxes.
3 more relthozas are on the paint desk, then the fleet is done and I can move on to the next terquai or tarakiens. .


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