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upgrade box guides

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good evening, ladies and nerds!


My question concerns the upgrading rules from the "upgrade box guides".


These rules increase the power of their fleet considerably.


When do these rules apply to the fleet?


Do the "upgrade-box-guide rules" also apply to the vessels of the core fleet guide?

Or do they only apply to the vessels from the upgrade box?

Or do i even have to "buy" the heroic fleet comodore from the "upgrade box guide" to have the rules applied to vessels?

Do the rules also apply to vessels of the core fleet guide if i do not play any vessels of the upgrade box?


Experienced players may agree that the youngest releases of alliance nations are more powerfull then the old core nations.

Due to this, the upgrade-box-guide-rules are a nescesarry and acceptable update for core nations.

But never the less, there is definition between an "upgrade" and an "update".


Obviously i was not yet able to discover an answer to my questions in the rules, provided from spartan games.

I am not requesting answers based on suppositions but ones based on rule quotations that i can show my future opponents.


Thanks in advance!

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Page 3 in the Update Guide, at least in the case of the CoA. "All" models in the fleet, "all" energy turrets, and several other ships do get specific upgrades.

It would be inconsistent to assume that the other updates are more selective.

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The spartan games download page delivers the answer to my Question:


"What follows are a series of downloadable PDFs that will give you the model statistics needed in order to play your Dystopian Wars models using the version 1.1 rulebook, or with the 1.0 rulebook using the aforementioned Update PDF."


==> "...statistics needed in order to play (...) using the version 1.1 ..."


This sentence clearly indicates that the rules of all pdf files underneath of it have to be applied to the system.


The downloadable upgrade-box-guide is found underneath this sentence. Therefor it is not optional but clearly an inseparable part of the "dystopian wars 1.1" System.





Good night, gentlemen!

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