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Where's My Torpedo Frigate?

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I'm normally a Alliance of Kurak player, but a friend who plays Relthoza and I decided to swap fleets to shake things up.  In going through the Relthoza fleet list I was struck by the fact that the pairing of Tier 1 and Tier 3 ships is pretty obvious for use of Systems Network, but that the Tier 3 ships don't  really have an ability to attack from outside 20".  The Nidus can each throw 2 AD out to 24" in a Fore (fixed) arc, but at a max squadron size of 4, that's only 5 AD, and even then they have to wait until the enemy is right on the edge of their Stealth limit.  This means that if you hold the Tier 1 back from combat to make use of Stealth and the Tier 1's long-ranged torps, then you get no use out of the frigates until later in the game.


I suspect that this was done to balance issues, but I have to wonder if some kind of torp Frigate was ever considered?  They'd seem a natural pairing as Accompaniment for the Tier 1's which all have Systems Network and Fore torps, especially the Battleship and Battlecruiser.



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