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Your Battleship is soooooooo fat....

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*Warning: Obscure references coming*

... that Dahak asks for permission to dock in the hanger.

... it is the reason Antaran attacks have increased.

... a second blue giant star is needed for it's backup generator.

... black holes fall in to it.

... the Zentraedi have come looking for it.

... it doesn't need shield rolls against the Death Star.

... V'ger's ship was based on it's hull cleaners.

... the Ur'Quan battle for possession of it.

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Your battleship is so Phat that it takes 1337 turns for corrosion to deal a point of damage.


Now THAT's FAT!!!!   :D




Yo Battleship so fat, It uses point defense barrage to hunt Carriers


Oh come on!!!   :P






...you break the speed of light just by looking at it.


Whattttttttt?????  !!!!!!!    :D





Your BB is so fat that its a cloaking field for your whole fleet!!


Oh s*&%!!!!!

Come on! It can't be that fat!!!   :P

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Your battleship is so fat, they invented FTL travel just to get to the restroom!





Hey Darvanus, I totally dig your avatar!  :)





Your battleship is so fat that you need a navigation fix, a fold space relay and four crewmen just to find the mess hall.

Oh come on!  It can't be that large!    :D

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