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Redesigned Unit Stat Cards

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Boy - oh - boy, this took a bit longer than expected. I revamped the way I use actions in photoshop to compile the photoshop files to .png files. The process is a lot less painful now, should help a lot with getting future changes in. But most importantly:

  • FSA changes uploaded
  • RC changes uploaded
  • EotBS changes uploaded

I aim on finishing PE and RoF tomorrow.

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RoF and PE have just been updated, so all the core nations are up to date now.

Since this is a rather confusing transitional period, I've now marked all nation folders with a prefix "2.0" or "2.5", depending on their current compliance state. Will get to mercenaries & minor nations soon, after that I'll do the egyptians (not too much of a hurry considering noone has the models yet!)


For now, have fun and game on,


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