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Squadron coherency examples

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So I'm a little perplexed by the examples 2ed rule book and since my search didn't turn up an answer on here I figured I'd throw up a topic for it. Here's the issue:

All the pictures on page 53 appear to be "in coherency" as the rules describe it. Every ship is within 6" of at least one other ship in the squadron, yet examples B and C say they aren't, and in fact seem to suggest that all ships must be within C.D. of ALL other ships in the squadron.

So which is the correct reading?

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Alextroy is correct.  The example images are very poorly drawn.  But it's perfectly valid to have  a squadron strung out in a line with, say, 4" between ships.  The squadron as a whole stays in coherency, even if the ships on each end are very far apart.  At least, they stay in coherency until your opponent blows one of the middle units up, at which point you'll be out of coherency, but as long as each ship is within command distance of one other the squadron is still in coherency.


tl dr:  the text is right.  The images are confusing (and I hope get fixed next printing).

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