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Knautschers of the Charter [WIP]

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Hey everyone, I'm currently painting my Terrans from the Valhalla box and might need your keen eyes to help me out!


Since posting WIP pictures, receiving feedback and incorporating it into my painting process worked well for my first battleship, I've decided to do a sort of "fleet thread" that follows the same principle.


The "grand" plan

What I am aiming for is a military/industrial look in the style of Wayland Yutani and Sarif Industries. That means I want it to look functional, used and not too colorful.

To achieve this, so far I've used three shades of grey (Fortress Grey, Cold Grey, Heavy Charcoal) to separate the structures and details on the surface of the model. If windows or other lights (Glacier Blue) are to be placed somewhere, I always go for "Heavy Charcoal" in the surrounding area for maximum contrast. I know that technically windows aren't needed anymore at that point of technological advancement. They would be a silly thing to add, an unnecessary weakpoint, and basically the "ships" are more like "submarines", but I don't care and so I'll merrily paint weakpoints on my hulls, so my crews may gaze at the stars and my enemies may target the captain and crew more easily.

The further out a superstructure lies, the lighter I paint it, while crevices and anything further in gets a darker color. However separating elements overrules the inward-outward idea. The engines are an exceptio to this, as the heat (and therefore brighter colour) lies in the center.

"Heavy Goldbrown" is used to place a few markings on the model, so that it won't be just grey. These markings probably won't have any deeper meaning, but should look like they might.


Squadron markings are going to be "Hydra Turquoise", "Blood Red" and "Heavy Goldbrown" triangles. I doubt I'll ever field 4 squadrons of the same model, so having 3 differently colored markings should be enough. Gold markings will be on every ship however.


So, that's the idea. Maybe you can see my vision and help me find out if anything is missing or could be added to strengthen the visual effect.


First off is a ~70% finished Teuton:










It definitely needs a little cleanup here and there, where I didn't paint quite as steady as I'd wanted. Applying the strong tone wash after placing the windows + engine lights was not a bright idea either, so that'll be fixed anyway. :D Engines will be redone with brighter shades of blue as well.


Some navigation lights will be added at some point in the future (you know like the blinking ones you can see on the enterprise etc.).


What do you think? Anything "missing"?


Next will be a test-Armsmen Class and of course the mighty Tyrant!

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Thank you, for your kind words! I'm glad you like the scheme. :)


I use a 4/0 "Reinmarder" brush for everything. In general I paint from inside to outside, so in case of the small windows etc. I ususally paint the entire area dark grey (Heavy Charcoal) as a base layer, then smudge the bright window/light color in (Glacier Blue) in the middle and clean up on the top with the dark grey again.

As for the "window bars" on the bridge: I paint the area dark grey, place one line of glacier blue across it and then paint two angled lines of heavy charcoal. The lines merge with the background of course and you get a slightly more interesting looking bridge.

Very important for these lines is, that the brush is wet enough. Just the tiniest bit of water will do, but the color must be smooth enough to go with the stroke of the brush. Otherwise the paint will come off uneven or cling to the brush, which in turn might tempt you to use more force, which isn't good for the paint job or brush.


Here's a list of the colors I used or plan to use:


Army Painter

Color Primer Uniform Grey (spray can, medium grey)

Hydra Turquoise (for squadron markings)

Strong Tone Ink (after the greys are done, before engine + windows)


Vallejo Game Color

021 Magic Blue (engines, shield projectors)

095 Glacier Blue (almost white, icy blue; windows, engine glow)

143 Heavy Blue (dark blue, base color for the engines and the area around them)


001 Dead White (white to mix in as needed or top off lights)

049 Stonewall Grey (light grey)

050 Cold Grey (medium grey, base color for the ships)

051 ***** Black (just... black)

155 Heavy Charcoal (dark grey)


151 Heavy Goldbrown (for the golden/yellow markings)



Wow  !  :blink:  Can we get some underside pics also ?

I'll have to paint the underside first...  :ph34r:   :D
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Thanks for answering! I figured that's what you did to make the windows but I wanted to be sure. I may need to pick up a new brush, I'm using a 5/0 Loew-Cornell for almost all my work with these ships but it's seen a fair amount of use and not achieving the results I desire anymore.

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That is a really lovely paint job! It really looks clean ad crisp and doesn't look like it needs any touching up. If you are looking for more things to add though, see how you like some hard highlights on the yellow and white segments. It will make them really stand out as clean detailing on the ship. If you are going for a "used look", battle scars are always classy. Keep up the great work!  :D

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That is absolutely Phenomenal-looking! Literally the best paint scheme I've ever seen on the mk.2 Terran vessels, also making me somewhat regret buying up so much of the older Terran stuff. I'm not sure how I could incorporate a scheme similar to yours onto Sentinels and Razorthorns.


Like several others, I would like to shamelessly ... Borrow.... this paint scheme, haha.

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Time for an update!


Upfront a justification, because I still haven't painted any underbellies or finished any ship yet. My MO is, that I usually start painting one ship, stop at some point, start another model, then start another one, then go back to model #1 etc. until I'm done at some undefined point in the future.


Here's some (older) pictures of my first Tyrant. The second Tyrant has arrived as well, but is only primed and trimmed yet. It's going to fly a little lower than it's older sibling, so they'll fit into a formation.











I'd love to seen the rest of the fleet. [...]


Thanks for your interest! :) Here's a shot of my older ships. Interestingly I also used a different, slightly less vibrant yellow for them, so they actually look like an older part of the same fleet... or are meant to, anyway:



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Nuke-It's on the block

My first Templar. WIP, of course, because I take ages to finish anything.  Obviously this model won't be able to enter the contest, because I started painting it, way before the contest started. However I have two unpainted Templars left, that I will paint for Painting Competition #5.




As I said earlier: Windows. Ships need windows. And bridges. So my Templars will have a bridge where there is none (modeled). It's only painted on, but It does the trick, especially from your default gaming-distance.




I thought about making the broadside cannons glow blue as well, but with the shield generators (which I have decided are these glowing "rods") it would have been too much blue for my taste, so they're plain light grey with dark grey surroundings.




Next up is N.T.S.C. "Veltenhof", Titan Class Dreadnought.




Had to have a bridge. Of course. As you might notice this bridge has two levels of windows and - in my blooming imagination - is divided on the inside into several levels as well (2-3 behind every window). 




As you can see, there's still lots of stuff unfinished/missing: the weapons are going to be light grey, with their surrounding areas once more in a dark grey. There's also some blue-glowing lights to be painted on the lower parts of the engines as well, maybe on the larger weapon turrets as well. Then there are going to be positioning lights as well of course... some day!




However at least I can field it without blinding my opponents with white resin. The only thing they'll be blinded by are the weapons, oh and of course the engines, when I pass the smoldering wrecks of those Zenian Dindy-Spider-Manager agressors. Went a bit overboard with the glow at some places, but I figured "meh".




That's it for now. I have an Armsmen FF painted up, but haven't made any pictures yet. Safe to say it looks like a miniature teuton - as with the model itself. A Palisade Battle Station is WIP as well, maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow!

Thanks to all of you, for your interest and kind words!


I've had a rather exhausting week and reading your comments has been rather nice. :)

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That's no moon... it's a space station!




and it's all powered up, to keep those nasty Dindies off my god damn lawn!




And here's a new SQN of Missionary Class FF, always near by to help out or simply bask in the shield projector of the station:




That's it for now, still working on finishing Valhalla, 6 Teutons, 3 Templars and 8 Armsmen. The second Tyrant isn't quite as urgent.


'til next time!

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