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Kurgan's Directorate Fleet

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So at first I thought about finishing my Persecution Dreadnought, but since you asked for a step by step and the Persecution is almost done I decided to paint some little Drones.

Just for the record I use almost exclusively Citadel paints (just because I like the cans) and few Vallejo paints (just for easier color mixing). As I don't know what colors you guys use and because I have pretty old and discontinued colors I won't use specific color names but just generic shades.


1) Spray it black. I don't like using white as a basecoat and use it only when really necessery.



2) Paint armour plates in dark color - in my case it is dark green.



3) Paint armour plates one shade brighter - as I had only dark and bright green I had to mix them together. But now only paint approximately 60% of every single plate. The thing is to move the brush in the direction from the center of the model to its edge. Check the other picture with arrows, they show the direction I used at this model. I am doing it like this as I want to get the edge brighter and brighter with every step.




4) Again, use a bit brighter color and again paint a smaller part then before.



5) Now paint just the edge of the plate with bright color. I am done with those panels on this model as it is pretty small and I don't want to spend too much time with it. Those panels are pretty small so just several steps is enough, on larger models though more steps are needed to create an effect of a smooth transition.



6) Now use dark metallic color to paint the rest of the model. You could avoid to paint parts like engines if you want to later paint them differently.



7) Now highlight those metallics with bright metallic color. With all that glare the picture is pretty bad but you can see some highlights if you look closely.



After this step it got pretty late and forgot to take pictures. Next step is a pretty heavy black wash over all metallic surfaces. After that come those glow effects. I was experimenting a bit so no pictures there either. If you are interested I can take pictures of them on another model.


I hope this helps guys.

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Thanks guys! I will definitely do a step by step on painting those blue glow effects. I have to say I have already went through several procedures and continue to experiment with it as I am not really satisfied with the result. I tried something new on those Drones and managed to smooth the transition better. Will try it again on larger Tormentors and see how it goes - will take pictures of every step. My Persecution Dred is all done but for those glow effects, so I need to settle with some technique to finish him.

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Well here are my new Tormentors. I promised you step by step on that blue "glow" while painting them...well I am not really satisfied with how it turned out but refuse to spend another several hours to remake it again. I have only pictures of first two steps as after those I got a bit angry with the result, started to experiment again, done both ships differently, redone some steps several times, still wasn't happy with it so just make them look similar...and somewhere in that process forgot to do picures.

I hope next ship will turn out better so emotional breakdowns won't interrupt tracking painting process...



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Not satisfied with how the Tormentors turned out! Holy FRACK those are gorgeous! You seriously have an issue if you can see that, lol.


Let me try to be clear. They are going up on the Black Ocean's Facebook tomorrow. We will let our fans decide just how unsatisfied they are...


They will be up at 8am Thursday the 27th.


Beautiful job.

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Thanks guys, this really makes those hours and hours spent with them worthwhile.


Man I am jealous of your painting ability.  Beautiful ships.  I think the glow on those tormentors is quite exquisite.  What exactly do you not like about the glow?  


That's the problem, I am not sure. Maybe it's because during painting I see it really up close and from that distance it's not "glowing".

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That makes sense to me.  I am often not happy with details that do not show up at a distance or in pictures.   In the end you have have to be happy with it.   Let me just say that painters can be some of their own worst critics, and most of the things the painter can see most others can't.   Your ships look amazing, thank you for sharing them with us.

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I borrowed my old Judgement battleship to a friend for his project and got some nice quality pictures in return. On some of the pictures there are details on my first attempt engines lights/blue light sources etc. All pictures can be seen on my flicr account (got tired of trying to upload stuff here).






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Thx guys.



And those are going up on The Black Ocean's Facebook tomorrow April 2nd at 9 am. I am in awe of that black background front shot and the side shot with the reg glow. Please tell me exactly how you painted those and photographed them!


For the front shot and side shot with reg glow were used some lightning effects. As I said I borrowed my Judgement to a fried for his project and in return he provided some really nice pictures of the model. As far as I know he used some 3D camera.

The model was painted in the same way as the rest, so green panels with the layering method which I already covered in older posts, rest was dark metallic color roughly highlighted with brighter metallic color and then washed with black wash. Unfortunatelly I still haven't managed to get a decent time to paint something new to cover the glow effect.

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Finally got the time to finish secondary objectives. Haven't spent too much time with them considering I prefer painting ships and I am going to leave them in my local store for the others to use. Unfortunatelly haven't managed to get a decent picture, on every single one something looks different and worse - on this one the red ship lost a lot of details, asteroids looks weird etc.



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