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Submerged model firing AA

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I have checked through the FAQ and haven't been able to find an answer to this, although I may have missed it?!


A submerged model attacked by TFT or Rockets - does it get the option of firing self defence AA? 


I found reference in the FAQ to pg 56 that states a submerged model can only target a model with torpedoes or concussion charges however I wasn't sure if this meant a submerged model can not target rockets and TFT in self defence (as TFT and rockets are not models is the preceding sentence relevant to the situation?)..  am I missing something? 


In the following paragraphs re declaring counter attacks (pg56) and defensive actions (pg57) it simply states all models in a squadron may fire... etc there don't seem to be any limitations on who or what can fire!?


again apologies if this has been covered and missed the answer.





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Rules as written:

 There is nothing to stop a Submerged model using AA for defensive fire against rockets


However, I'm 99% certain it is an unintended oversight. In  version 2 it will not be possible.

That would make sense... Especially considering that the kob submarine (vengeance) has the aa concealed in its submerged mode.

Thanks for the response!

Regards DC

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