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Ahmadans Terrans & Aquans

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So, a few older WIP shots to goad myself into

1) Getting better pictures of the actually completed models

2) Start painting FI again (I was going to get some of the Wave 2 models and paint up, but I put ir off for too long...)



My first MAU squadron. I imagine them being part of a NTSC Marine unit, and as such does not use camouflage (as they mostly operate ship to ship)

Valenfyre early WIP

WIP of my Valenfyre paint scheme, based on the Swedish Battle Tank 122 camo (it seems more have used the likeness of the Leopard tanks as a inspiration, a few images in the May version of the rulebook have a similar scheme)

Valenfyres late WIP

Both of my schemes besides each other. The non-camouflaged one is supposedly fresh off the production line, and as such has not had time to apply camo.



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Long delayed (I blame Armada 2.0), but here is an update:


217th Coy largeWeb



Still not that much finished, but with a proper release on its way motivation to complete the force is on the rise... If nothing else to prevent me from having too much of a backlog once my Aquans arrive.

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A quick update for my Aquans (while I gather enough images to make a proper Aquan topic)

IMG 0623 Web



The light wasn't the best, so I've had to correct a bit afterwards...


The mediums will get some more jade and bine highlights before being done, and the lights are missing some turquoise highlights, but they are moving forwards... (both being in that dangerous 'almost complete stage')

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So, edited thread title, let's get this started:

Currently completed:

One squad of Aquan Recon skimmers:

Recon done Web

And in sole glory:

Recon One Web

I'll admit that the colour scheme is a bit derivative of my Armada fleet: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8992-ahmadans-aquan-armada/?hl=%2Bahmadans+%2Baquan, but this way at least it a cohesive whole...

I've got a medium squad inbound as well, so stay tuned!

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Some mediums soon to join the fray!
Full squadron:

Mediums Web corr

Single models:

Medium single Web corr

Sirsir (still need purple highlights, and perhaps a final green highlight)

Designator medium Web

Also, a Work in progress shot of my support models (or rather the bases):

Support bases Web

So far they've gotten a basecoat of VMC Cavalry Brown, a drybrush of VGC Khaki, and thin wash of AP Dark Tone.
After another drybrush with Khaki (and grey on the gravel areas), all that is needed is some flock...



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A quick picture of a completed base:

Stingray2 base Web


Second Khaki DB, followed by washing the sand with Dark Tone, followed by grey drybrush on the sand, and two colours of flock.


Looks fairly decent, and does not really take that much time (OK, the drying times are a bit much, but the techniques does not require much concentration, which is perfect for my default sleep-addled state during the time I steal for painting... )

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So, new attempt at lighting the pictures (at least until I can get a proper setup):


Votari Crystals, finished bar the varnish:

Votari Web


I'm torn on these guys, to be honest. The model is very nice from a modelling perspective (is it cast acrylic?), but the huge, flat surfaces left me a bit stumped.

I know that can do better than this, but at this point I've burned enough energy on them to just want to be rid of them...

For the next batch (incoming in my Heavy Helix) I've made some research into painting crystals decently that I'm going to try out.


Drop Token:

Drop zone marker Wip Web


Quick and neat paint scheme, tying it to my Aquans. I'll paint all markers for each major faction the same way, that way I can just use a differently coloured mini die to mark any specials (say Temporal Portals...)


WIP Objective marker:

Objective token Wip Web


Went for a holo-grid effect, but I really need to clean up the edges...

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Haven't made that much progress lately, but I've finished my first set of infantry at least!


FSP khitari


For the next batch I'll add some removable upgrades as well (and I have just the parts for it...)

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A snap shot of how far I've come currently:

Wave finished So Far Web


  • A double core Helix, bar a second squad of infantry (this will be fixed once my Recon and Upgrade boxes arrives), and the second medium squad (this is now fixed, but this is the latest photo I have)
  • A Heavy Helix, although I've skipped the crystals (I've never used more than 4 anyway, and probably won't until 5k+ games)

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Long time no update!


Time to add in the latest progress:


El-Shami Leviathan:

full Wip

Larata APCs:

Finished APCs



I've changed my paint recipe a little bit, making smoother gradients and more focused highlights, as can be seen to the Laratas.

Let's see how long I can keep that up...

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Once again, long time no update!


I have had a bit of a Planetfall slump lately, but now I'm back painting again.


Here is my first finished model for the year, a Heavy Interceptor:

HeavyInterceptor done Web


It is a bit of a rush job, but looking decent enough.


Then I'm spending a little bit more time on the regular interceptors, only the green parts are done so far:


Interceptors Wip Web




After that, I've got a squad of Recon Light glaring at me from the painting table, and then there is the infantry... The never ending infantry....

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