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Homebrew new unit stats

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Hello all.


There has been a fair few enquiries about AC stats for the newly released flyers, as well as the French skimmers.


Spartan seem very busy at the moment with new firestorm and everything else so I though I would knock something up myself.


I have attached an excel spreadsheet (I hope that works). I have done all the new flyers, the French skimmers and the Ottomans. Design notes are below.


In general I have tried to stick to the AC theme of simplicity and tried to avoid new MARs, WARs, or Generators where possible. I found the most challenging thing was making the new flyers different from the existing ones (FSA and EOTBS large especially). Without a lot of the intricacies of DW it was tricky to avoid making them just better or worse versions of the same thing.


I won’t discuss every specific stat just general stuff. Any specific questions please ask.


EotBS Raijin HQ Gyro

 This is very similar to the Tsukyuomi though a little tougher. It is designed as more of a command vessel than a dedicated combat one so has fewer weapons. Its turret is a slightly downgraded Taka-Ashi (as the Taka-Ashi profile includes the knee turrets) and the rockets are a bit better than the Tsukyuomi. To demonstrate that it is a command unit it has HQ3 and Radio network. It has a feedback generator (closest to a DW disruption generator) and for the node projector I though that the telescopic Zoom MAR could be tweaked for the generator rather than for Ack Ack. Alternatively it could be equipped with a “Feedback Generator (16”)”. While in DW the generator can go out to 24” I think the Feedback Generator is better than the equivalent Disruption generator and 24 could be a bit much.


Points wise I though 210, 10 less than a Tsukyuomi as it has a less damage output but some nice MARs. For force organisation I put it in the Aerial support asset but you can take this OR a Tsukyuomi (they are both War Gyros after all) as both in smaller games might be a bit much.



COA Euclid Dreadnought

A bit like the Vauban but faster and a bit more fragile. Upped the flyer compliment to 9 (from the DW 8) to accommodate the wing sizes in AC. The particle accelerator with strafe should not really require any more rules, rockets and energy turret as standard. Usual carrierish MARs. To represent the Hit and Run/manoeuvrable aspect of the Euclid I propose a new MAR “not cumbersome” (or “Manoeuvrable” if preferred). Basically even though it is massive it does not need to use the Cumbersome movement rules.

Shields and target painter generators, it is about time the COA got one of those in AC! I left off the mine controller (though the Ottomans have one) as 3 generators seem excessive.

The Euclid goes on the Primary Aerial Support Echelon as a third carrier option for 360 points (same as a Vauban). Up to 3 pairs of  Colossus bots can be added for 80 points each (I think that is a little expensive for the mini-bots but that matches the cost in other formations).


COA Capek Medium Flyer

Similar to the Icarus but KR of 4/4 rather than 5 and a shield. Long range rockets that drop off closer up and a turret with strafe (just look at the angle!)

2 for 110 in the medium flyer squadron box (so max 2 of these, or 2 Icarus’ or 1 of each).


COA Alea Small Flyer

Basically the same as the Pytheus but a bit slower and with the Mine WAR. It also has Small target (as it is smaller) but not fast target or swift ascent. I am not sure about this one as 3AD mines might not really accomplish much but might serve as a good anti-infantry weapon.

Although they are escorts in DW there is no rule for this in AC and I am not sure developing one just for this would be worth it.

90 points for 3, they go in the Small Flyer Squadron (so max 2 of these or 2 Pytheus, or one of each).



PE Zerstorer Strike bomber

Fairly standard small bomber with the lightning rod WAR (obviously!). Usual MARs for momentum, cumbersome etc.

110 for 3, slightly more than comparable units due to Lightning rod. 0-2 squadrons can be taken as part of an Imperial Air Fleet support asset.



FSA New Orleans

It was a little sticky to differentiate this one from the Valley based on a comparison of the DW stats. In the end I went for slightly better broadsides and rockets but no bombs. Its also slower and has a lower KR but a shield generator. The main point of interest is the repair ship MAR. H.Q. 1 rather than 2 as it is more a support ship than a command one. Like the Raijin you can take one of these or a Valley. The New Orleans is 10 points more expensive than the Valley.


FSA PYB2 Seaplane

Flys like other bombers and such (cumbersome and momentum) but with long range rockets so some planning required. Can go in units up to 4 for a pretty decent barrage but only KR3.


FSSA A-3 Avion small bomber

A pretty standard small bomber. I didn’t feel the need to to anything too fancy with it as the FSA don’t have one already like the COA.




French Skimmers


 One Naval support flotilla can be taken as a Corps level asset for the ROF. It contains one battleship (of either variety), one cruiser squadron and one or two frigate squadrons.


For the Skimmers I wanted them to be a bit more powerful than equivalent land units (so a battleship is a bit more potent than a land ship, a cruiser is better than a medium tank etc) and have aimed for points costs to represent this. I found these points costs the hardest to decide on as there are not really similar units at the moment to compare against.


The battleships are both a bit better than a land ship. The Magenta is more of a long ranged command vessel with rockets and H.Q. 2 whereas the La Rochelle is a close range brawler but H.Q. 1. The La Rochelle has its flyer compliment.


The La Rochelle has the same experimental heat lance as the Danton, I thought the back one being a heat lancette with blue dice would be a bit more reasonable as 5X is just a bit too scarey!


Lyon Cruisers

For the Cruisers I thought having 2 kill ratings would be good. There are not many models at the moment with 2 so it sets them aside as being bigger than land units but defiantly not land ships. The KR6 represents the Retardant armour MAR (with similar thinking to Russian units).


Alama Frigates

Are frigates. They are a bit closer to Medium tanks than small tanks, but they are the same size!





The Ottomans are split into 2 alliance formations. One for the mobile airfield, one for everything else. As the Ottomans are the Broadside faction I thought a good way to show this would be by giving them 2 distinct broadside weapons, one Port one Starboard, so they can fire both ways at once. This is nice and different and also avoids having one broadside with an unholy amount of dice that could then link to become even more horrendous as it seems fair to have 2 non-overlapping weapons that have good amounts of dice. The volley guns all have Barrage and Bombardment (following the unwritten rule that apparently all barrage weapons need spotting) as this stops them linking with the other weapons for too much silliness.  


A lot of the design thoughts on the French carry over in terms of ship vs other land unit comparisons. The Ottoman vessels are a bit more fragile than the French ones and depend on the cloud generators for protection, especially as they can’t hide behind things!



I struggled a little with the generators. I thought about just giving them cloud generators but I thought that the Firtina generators in particular are a big part of the Ottoman character. I came up with this.


“Firtina Generator: At the end of this units movement a 4" round template may be placed anywhere within the range listed. All ranged attacks firing through this template lower their colour by one.”


I gave this to the Battleship and the carrier (which do not have cloud generators). For such expensive units they have very average defences. By placing them after movement they have to choose between protecting themselves against powerful opponents but they then also can’t shoot back at those units very effectively either.


I passed on the Mine control generator as I did not want to throw in too many new ones. And I thought that in combination with the prevelance of French mines it could get a little hard to keep track of.


Sazdram battleship

The Sazdram has average Land ship type kill ratings but rather potent weapons! The broadsides go up to 10AD at 8” allowing the Sazdram to make 2 such attacks with careful positioning (one port one starboard). The turrets go to 8AD and have Corrosive. The Sazdram can link for a high dice attack but won’t benefit from corrosive. Volley guns and H.Q. 1 round it off.


Fettah Cruisers

Similar to the French ones, quite fast. A pair can link to have 12AD at 8” which is rather high but you pay highly for them and they are a bit fragile. They have cloud generators for protection.


Mirak Frigates

Again, all about the broadsides with an added volley gun.


Zuhaf mine layers

Fairly usual small flyer stats. I wanted to do something a bit different with the mines given how powerful they are in DW. I thought a lot of black dice and high velocity would make for some scarey mines but (as mines are just bombs with a WAR) would not lead to ridiculously powerful direct bombing runs. Lots of high velocity mine explosions should be a good area denial weapon against small-medium stuff but not against land ships.


Hisar Mobile Airfield

I am a little worried about the Hisar. It has corrosive bombards, corrosive turrets, volley guns, a Firtina Generator and 12 flyers! To balance this out it is expensive and the most fragile carrier around. One of my main concerns is that when but in a French army with a Vauban that is 7 flights on the board which could be overwhelming. I would very much appreciate thoughts on this one!



And those are my notes!


I hope you like the stats and I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks.




Armoured Clash New units.pdf

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