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150 pts PE vs KoB

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Tonight me and my regular opponent will play our largest game yet without proxies, I'll se if I can't find my camera and produce a semi-decent battle report.


Preussian armylist:

CO: Lieutenant (Forced March, Focus Fire)
       Tesla pistol


Prof. Gustard & Siegfried


1. Squad : 7 Grenadiers + Medic
                   Specialist (Vierling)


VII. Blade  : 3 Teutonic Knights
                       Specialist (M4 Schocklanze)


8. Support Group : 2 HMG teams



The idea is to field a decently balanced force, with a Preussian Scandinavian theme. I could probably reinforce it further, but this will do for now.

The first draft included 8 grenadiers, but I realised that I needed some more options for dealing with the inevitable Bassets (Av 3 in front is a bit much for my HMGs...), so one grenadier became a Tesla pistol and a Schocklanze.


My opponents list, as well as a report (and maybe even some pictures) will come later today or tomorrow.



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So, as promised, here is the report:



PE deployment

KoB Deployment

First round:

Round 1JPG

Second round:

Round 2

Third round:

Round 3

Fourth round:

Round 4

Fifth round:

Round 5

Sixth round:

Round 6


As the tankettes had a shaken marker, the KoB did not contest the objective, leaving my Knight as the sole owner of the objective



Final score:

KoB: 67 Victory points (6 grenadiers, one medic, two HMGs)

PE: 80 Victory points (Line infantry, hussars, and one 30 pts Objective)



The game was literally decided at the last minute; if Cpt Gilbert had not removed the first shaken marker, or my Lieutenant had failed to Shake the tankettes, the end result would have been 50-67 to the redcoats...

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