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HMS Triumph

HMS Triumph's Battle reports

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"La Sécheresse du Mékong" (The Mekong's dryness)

— 187 points and 7 activations for KoB versu 183 points and 5 activations for EotBS.

— Victory points as per the standard rules + 2 pions objectifs on English side at start of the game.

— Special rules : all sections "emplaced" at start on a 48"x48" table with a 3 turns limit. All the river is considered like a ford and not impassable (1/2 move)

— Setting : We are in the fertile and cultivated plains of the Mekong. Benefitting from the low level of water caused by the dryness of an affluent of the large river, a Japanese force attack decides to cross the bed of the river to prize a British vanguard post.

Enjoy !

KoB (287 points) :

— Captain Smethington

— Lieutenant

— 1 Basset tankette

— 1 HMG

— 4 Sky Hussards + NCO

— Section I (6 infantry + 1 NCO + 1 Specialist + 1 Musician)

— Section II (6 infantry + 1 NCO + 1 Specialist + 1 Musician)

EotBS (283 points) :

— 2 Steambikes

— 3 Shinobis

— Alchemist + Guard

— Section I (5 ashigarus + 1 Medic + HMG)

— Section II (5 ashigarus + 1 Medic + HMG)






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Nice report, enjoyed all the pictures of each action, follows the battle well. The costume scenario is a cool idea, but not sure how practical outside a friendly game.


3 turns doesn't get a lot done. though you both started fairly close to one another, it really just gives the upper hand to who ever fires first, as you both start in effective range.


The points are close enough to be balanced, but starting fortified in defensible cover, in a battle where the defender starts with the objectives, how is anyone going to beat the defender in the fort in just 3 turns without a stroke of luck or more points to force their way in? I realize this was the point of the scenario, as you both probably liked the idea & put it together to be fun, I'd just invest a little more time in the design if used again. At least play out a full 6 turns (unless someone forfeits).


also... the EotBS force lacks a lieutenant. Not sure if I just can't see him in any of the pictures & was uncounted in the points, or was indeed not taken at all... 

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Thanks for comments, fellows !

By the way, in fact EotBS player lacks of a real officer. But the 2 HMG he had makes a lot of kills on my KoB. :)

In fact we decide to play 3 turns + variable but after the third the dice decide for us to stop. Honnestly, if we played one more turn, I think EotBS wins the game with this HMG and Alchemist and Guard. ;)

The choice of the factions is part of the scenario. All scenarios we played were around thematic reference to titles of old Indochine (the french band) songs. It was the fourth scenario but for the three firsts I had nos photos and no report… :(

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