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Charging a section with a shaken marker

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Hello all, a part of the rulebook seems unclear to me and I was wondering what everyone else thinks:


If a section charges a section that has a shaken marker I understand the process to be as follows:


Section A declares a charge against section B, section B has a shaken marker already.

Section B makes a charge reaction if possible as normal. no it doesn't.

Section A moves and makes a successful charge

Section B takes a moral check, which if it passes all shaken markers are removed and the melee happens as normal.

If section B fails the moral check it gains a shaken marker for failing the check and so it now has 2 of them.


This is where my understanding becomes hazy as the rulebook states that section B gains a second shaken marker and reminds you that any section with three shaken markers is instantly killed.


As I understand it this could be read in one of two ways:

The line refers to the shaken marker gained for failing the moral check so section B should enter the melee with 2 shaken markers


The line suggests that section B should gain a third shaken marker destroying it.



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One thing to your sequence of combat

Rulebook p47: A Section CANNO T make a Charge Reaction if it is already involved in a Melee or if it is carrying any Shaken Markers.


On your actual question I read it like this. The Unit enters the melee with 2 shaken markers if it fails the test unless it already head 2, then it is destroyed. 

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I really don't think that Section B would automatically take a 3rd token and be destroyed... Because if that was the case they would have stated it, instead of just saying they take one more token.

If Section B fails the test and so has two markers, then they lose two rounds of combat then they'll gain their third shaken marker making them break.

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