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Removing Corrosive Markers

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Sorry for question, but we had disagreement in our community and I wanted to clarify the situation with Corrosive Markers. 


At the end of turn on the ship placed two Corrosive Tokens, what is the correct course of action? 


Course 1: I roll two dices and roll 3 and 5, remove one token and then roll again and if I roll 1-3 I simply remove the marker or 4-6 and then lose the HP? 




Course 2: I roll two dices and roll 3 and 5 and remove one token and lose 1 HP?

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In fact, it's Course 3:

Like Doc said: "As you only roll one die for each corrosion marker. On 1-3 remove the marker. On 4-6 lose 1 hull point and keep the marker on the model."


It's different than "I roll two dices", because you have to make separate rolls.

You have to declare EACH repair attempt for EACH marker and roll one die only and you have only ONE repair attempt per marker. Of course, it's time saving to roll dice simultaneously when markers are the same.


But yes, Course 2 about the fact you can lose 1HP max per corrosive marker each turn.

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