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FSA vs. CoA 7/24/13 750 pts

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Hello all!


I've never really shared any of my battle experiences, so I thought I would today, pose some questions, and share what I have learned.


My list consisted of 1 Independence BB w/ 2 escorts, 2 squads of 3 Lexington Cruisers with shields and sharpshooters, and a squadron of 4 destroyers.


Why did I bring 6 cruisers? Am I insane? Am I completely daft? Well, not really - it's just all I have.


I'm not a big fan of trying to run away and stay in range band 3 or 4, so I decided to try and go for a more balanced/slightly skewed towards bum rush approach by swapping out rocket batteries for shield generators.


My opponent played his battleship, a full squadron of the newest cruisers (whose names forgive me, and since I'm posting this from work, I have gimp internet at best), a full squadron of frigates, and a full squadron of destroyers.


We played on the Dreadfleet mat, so the arena was a little smaller than regulation. We used about 4 islands varying in size, as well as 1 25 mm round base with crystals on it (some sort of sturgineum related ore? I dunno. But it looked cool.).


My cruisers were crippled before they could even really do anything right out of the gate. Their shield generators did nothing to help them - I generally was able to block 1 to 2 hits every attack against them, which was never enough to either a) negate a successful hit or B) change a critical to a regular attack. One time I managed to roll 5 deflects on my shield...and then he still proceeded to tripple (yes, TRIPPLE) critical hit me.


I learned how awesome all stop + manouverable is, as he mostly hugged the islands; I bum rushed into them, all stopped, and just rotated as needed to get firing lanes, avoid collision, etc. On turn 3, I sharpshooter'd his last AP off his destroyers, and boarded them with my totally crippled cruisers (which managed to stay not broken), and prized them.


My battleship boarded his battleship, and lost almost all of its AP in the process from his insane AA roll, and only burning off 1 or 2 of his. A bonehead move on my part. He, however, also did the same thing, leaving both of our battleships marine-less.


In come the destroyers. They circled around an island and attacked from the rear. Pack hunter is AWESOME. They ended up taking out a bunch of his straggling smalls, and boarded his battleship and prized it for the victory.


Main things I learned:


1) All Stop + Manouverable is awesome, tactically, when your terrain set up totally hoses you.

2) Pack hunter is rad.

3) Shield generators... not so sure if they really make a HUGE difference. Maybe next time kinetic generators would be a better thing to bring?

4) Sharpshooters are great... when you remember to use it.

5) Six cruisers was probably not a smart idea, but hey... we were playing naval only, and I was lacking other models.

6) Partical accelerators hurt like hell.


Thoughts? Feedback? Input?


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glad i'm not the only one who has ambiguous feelings about the usefulness of shield generators. i dont buy them anymore as an option, be it in DW naval or AC.

they had limited use when my regular opponents where also beginners an had to learn stuff, as soon as we all began to focus fire instead of taking potshots with single vessels, they became obsolete no mather how many i had (including guardians).


eager to hear someone who has some good arguments as to why shield are a good thing.

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Rockets + All stop = a couple of rounds of shooting at high (for RB4) AD,


re shields some times they are brilliant, I've had a BB take 2 full sqn's of cruisers at RB2 fire and not take a hit (ok, KoB with 4 shield dice but hay) and other times where the BB (dispite the 4 dice) has been sunk in a turn from full health.

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