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Ack Ack Verses Bombers

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We had a couple of novel situations last night which people might like to comment on.


In the first one I moved a unit of tiny flyer fighters directly in front of and 5" away from a unit of enemy interceptors heading for my airship, I was expecting the fighters AA to engage the interceptors when they moved, it was agued that this couldn't happen because AA fire only falls on tiny flyers OR other flyers who finish their move less that 4" from the fighters.  This effectively meant that the interceptors flew past the fighter screen and attacked my airship it was flying CAP for.  Fortunately and only by accident, I'd placed my fighters only 4" from the airship so engaged the interceptors at the end of their turn but the possibility was that under other circumstances the interceptors would have simply ignored my fighter CAP.


Later on a bomber unit dropped its load on some iron clads.  As the owner of the iron clads I was keen for their AA fire to have some effect on the bomber squadron, however the rules say that bomb runs are the "same as other ranged attacks" and else where it implies that AA fire can only be directed at tiny flyers so the bombers dropped their bombs with no risk from the iron clads flak.


Did we play these two situations correctly? If flak can only attack tiny flyers what is the point of flak towers and the french flak tanks if they can't attack bigger flyers?



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Your interpretations are not quite correct. by Interceptors I take it you mean Merlin interceptors?


Basically Ack Ack can ONLY be used to attack tiny flyers.


In the first example Fighters can attack other flyers with their machine guns NOT thier Ack Ack. The machine guns can be used when the flyers move into range of other flyers in THEIR activation like any other attack. Also there is no CAP in Armoured Clash, tiny flyers do not attach to things like that. If your airship was attacked by other tiny flyers (fighters) and as part of this attack the enemy flyes moved within 4 of your tiny flyers then they could be targetted with Ack Ack as usual.


Your interpretation of the second point is correct, the bombers are not targetted by Ack Ack.


Flak towers and flak tanks (in my opinion) are area denial weapons in regards to tiny flyers. We have found tiny flyers (dive bombers) especially to be very powerful units in AC. By no means over powered but certainly scarey. these units keep Tiny flyers away from sesative areas (objectives, airfields and such). The flak tanks give rolling cover to this and additional protection to other units.

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