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von Klinkerhoffen

Ottoman Empire Colour Scheme Database

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My Great Ottoman Fleet — pro-painted by my great friend Desmoniak999 — is finished for Christmas ! Yeaaaaaaahhh !


I ask him to work freely on a colour scheme inspired by the Ottoman Architecture and Turkish Ceramics as you could see in Istambul buildings St-Sophie Cathedral, The Topkapi Palace and the Sultanahmet Blue Mosque :


The Hisar :




A lot of other pictures of the differents models on Desmoniak999's painting blog :



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Does the writing on the dreadnaught actually read 'kebab'?  :P  

Nicely done though, how did you paint the hull?


Yep. Kebab. Some ships say other things, but "Kebab" has a nice look to it. haha. I grew up in Germany where the Döner Kebab reigns supreme. Couldn't resist.  :lol:

Hull is a simple dark red base (Khorne Red) with ink.

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Here's my test scheme for my Ottoman fleet. It still needs a wash on just about...everything. I'll do a brown on the hull, a sepia on the superstructure, and a sepia on the tiny flyer.

It obviously needs some touch up with my wild brush work as well.

The most interesting thing for me is the deck. I wanted a neutral color but didn't want to add another layer of brown. So I went with a gray, washed in black, and then "white washed." It really worked out well for an interesting decking color.


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