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Brothers enemys ROF vs KOB

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Hi I am French and thus I have decidé to put my text also in French,


J'ai choisi les deux nations ci dessus au niveau de la beauté des figurines et le background, aucunement sur leur puissance, mais je ne doute pas que les deux nations pourront s'averées redoutables sur le champs de bataille :)
I chose both nations this above at the level of the beauty of figurines and background, not at all on their power, but i sure with both army is powerful :P
Du coup j'ai decidé de peindre une unité Anglaise en parralelle d'une unité Française ! 
I decided to paint an English unit in parallel of a French unit
voila les premieres fig peinte ! 
Here a fist model painted ! 
L'ambiance est Coloniale pour l'anglais, et "bleu" pour le français :)
English is colonial scheme and "Royal" for the French
au depart je voulais les faire les deux armées sable (pour faire une campagne africaine) mais j'aurais peut être saturé ^^
at the begining i wish make a both army in desert camo (for my first campaign in afrika) but i would have can be saturated ;D
I finish my first squad of french army, steward is almost finished. 





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Tres bon!  That's about the limit of my french.  Very nice Urial.  I like the color choice on the Steward tanks, I'm plaining on something similar with my KoB foces.  I hope to see more of your work soon.

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Thank you Northern dragon ^^ 


I update my work this day, I almost finished my steward, there is  Highlight to make and it's finish :D


Sorry for my english, I feel more has the ease in french :) 

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If you haven't contacted spartan about that, do so. They're good about missing bits, normally. I can't remember which one's responsible, but it's easy enough to guess.

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Les steward sont fini, restera la coupole si d'aventure je me prend a vouloir la mettre :)


Steward are finished, will stay the dome if of adventure I takes me must to want to put it.









Maintenant Round 2 !


L'artillerie !


Les redoutables Cromwell contre les fiers Marteau ACA 8.


Now Round Two


Artillery !


Formidable Cromwell against proud Marteau ACA 8.




Aussitôt dit aussitôt sous couché et hop l'aplat de base, la couleur de la coque. 


Immediately said immediately under slept, now paint the color scheme






Les Marteau sont plus gros, mais moins nombreux, les Cromwell quand a eux sont plus petit mais on vraiment un design d'enfer ^^


Marteau is bigger, but less numerous, Cromwell when has they are smaller but one really a amazing design.


suite a soon as possible ! ;)

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Just a little background, honor of you England !


Third colonial regiment of Morroco


No rule, just panache




Rule by Sir  Henry of Gryffon, former cavalry commander, sir griffon is a follower of mechanized charge.




Based has Fes, Sir Henry takes care of the defense of the whole Moroccan territory.


His strengths are scattered, but numerous airfield allows him to know any advances enemies on the territory of its majesty in Morocco



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Bon je n'ai pas pu beaucoup avancer hier soir, mais j'ai continué a peindre. 


Well I was not able a lot to progress yesterday evening, but at least I continued has to paint.


Je ne suis pas très satisfait du résultat pour l'instant, on verra après les éclaircis. 


I'm not Satisfied for my result for now, we shall see after the highlight. 


voici le resultat en fin de soirée :


Here is the result at the end of evening :










5 sous couche noirs finis, deux aplats gris et deux encrages, c'est pas si mal ;)


progress is not bad finally ;)


La suite demain pour la peinture, j'essayerais de presenter le general de brigade français Monsieur Enguerrand Lilan du plessy d'avray cet après midi.


The suite tomorrow for the paint, I would try to present the French general of brigade Mister Enguerrand Lilan of the plessy of avray this after noon.


Good day.

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Ça m'a l'air bien! Surtout le bleu-gris du char français est très joli. Je pense qu'avec quelques éclaircis ça sera très bien.


Looks fine to me! Especially the blue-grey on the French tank is very nice. With a few highlights I think it will be just fine.

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Oui tres bon!


C'est magnifique!


Je suis desolate regarder mon Francais. C'est tres horrible! :) 


I really like the colour schemes you've choosen. I am planning to do a desert camo scheme for my KoB so seeing yours has convinced me that it will look good. 

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Merci beaucoup ! 


merci d’écrire en français, l'effort est apprécié ^^ 


Thank you very much!


Thank you for writing in French, the effort is appreciated :)


I am going to make desert bases to complete my work :D


I post soon my Yesterday night work :)

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Avant de vous présenter mon travail de la nuit, j'aimerais que nous fassions une minute de silence pour un brave mort pour la cause... 


Before presenting you my night work, I would like that we did one minute of silence for a nice dead man for the cause...


mon pot de Devlan Mud n'a pas réussi a survivre au trempage successif, il avait pourtant survécu a 100 Skavens, on ne t'oubliera pas Devlan O7


My Devlan Mud did not survive to the successive soaking, it had nevertheless survived has hundred Skavens, we shall not forget you Devlan O7




Hier j'ai eu la bonne surprise de recevoir l'un de mes colis, une sky fortress anglaise !


Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise to receive one of my parcel, an English sky fortress!


Bon elle est juste enorme, la preuve en image, la sky fortress a coté d'un Foucault. 


She's just monstrous ! clue an image, sky fortress versus Foucault.




Maintenant passons aux choses sérieuses, voici mes figurines ! 


Now let us pass in the serious things, here is my figurines !


J'ai fini les aplats sur tous les cromwells et je les ai encré.


I haved finsh the base for all Cromwells and I inked it.




une image plus net au petit matin après séchage.


An image more net in the early hours after drying.








Et le grand final... j'ai deja sous couché la phase 3 de mon plan de peinture : 


and finallly .... I already have under slept the phase 3 of my plan of painting :




La suite ce soir !


to be continued ... 


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