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EotbS against Ep

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As I said in the other Thread, I will write how the battle went against PE.


Well I lost….


We played a game with 1500 each, which I invested in Artillery, a mobile Airfield and the compulsory tanks division. With the Airfield and the Artillery using the Preplotted Bombardment asset.


As I suspected, my opponent came prepared: 2 small tank divisions, 1 mobile airfield, 1 bomber regiment with 1 regiment of small flyers and an airfield!!!


The game started pretty well for me, got very good spotting dice, but the avalance of rockets got blasted out of the sky before they could do some real damage.

In the first three turns I managed to almost wipe out 1 tank division. With my aircraft decimating the wave after wave of bomber squadrons and the regiment of small flyers.


Then as was to be expected, the endless stream of bomber squadrons, started to whittle down my regiments, one after the other. His second tank division and the bombers came in to killing range and they killed of both my Artillery HQ and my tank HQ. which settled the battle in his favour.

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