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To Clash or not to Clash

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Just to really complicate things, I would like to see the next system head in the other direction- rather than mass battles, scale it all down to single ship or squadron duels.

Something like the old SFB by Amarillo games. Semi-simultaneous movement and combat. System power allocation and system specific damage allocation. Semi homing torpedoes moving on the board with the ships. CP represented on board.

Adding detail would further differentiate between the factions. Prussians, French and CoA would have to manage power differently due to reliance on energy weapons. Generators might not be a guaranteed usable item if power systems are damaged. Depending on dice luck, the mant turrets of KoB ships might prove to be an advantage rather than a drawback.

Big positive, another system to use with the same models. Downside, would be a completely different system to develop and would take forever to develop the stats for all if the existing units ( not to mention those to come). Would require a whole new bevy of play testers,


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