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2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Rifles

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Hello all,


 Long time lurker and first time poster here. I just finished working on my Sky Hussar section from the KoB starter set and I figured they would be a good way to introduce myself!  :) I plan to use this thread as a painting log to keep me motivated as I roll through my DL collection, hopefully I'll be able to stay on track!


As for a little bit of fluff, you've probably noticed the title of this thread and yes; I made my Brits Canadians! Most of the infantry will be members of the RCR's although some elements (according to my fluff) are from different branches. The Sky Hussars are a good example. Rather than think of them as light cavalry, I imagine them as the fabled "Rocket Marines" we know and love from DW. I enjoy thinking of them in this way as it adds a greater scope to games. Just imagine that somewhere off the board there is a giant Resolution Class Landship crawling in support of the infantry advance!  :D


The models were very fun to paint up and I think I'll hand things over to them now.





There's more pictures on my blog which you can find in my signature!



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At the time I was torn between painting them white or gold so I decided to simply leave them red. I'm still not sure what colour I'll use if I decide to go back to them.

Thanks for the reply!


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Hello again all! Another update, this time for my KoB Lieutenant that I finished recently. There are some aspects of the model that I'm not quite happy with, and I might go back to.  :rolleyes: Can't wait until SG releases the CoA for this game, my friend's really chomping at the bit to get in on this!





Lieutenant 2

As always, check the link in my sig for more pictures!

Have a good one!


Edit: Fixed some grammatical errors.

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