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La Peinture de la République

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Mesdames et monsieurs! Bonjour et bienvenues à "La Peinture de la République", my Republique of France painting blog  ^_^.
I've been lurking this forum for a while but I I decided that my first post had absolutely to be a painting one, so here we are!
Let me tell you the painting tale of my Turenne de La Rochelle, then: first is a squadron of Lyon Class Frigates from the RoF starter.


Higher res:






Up to you now... C&C appreciated - about my English and French as well ^_^


À bientôt! ;)

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Whoah guys thanks all!


You're flattering ^_^


Unfortunately I'm not able to paint my whole fleet as fast as I'd like to, but the rest will follow for sure ;).


As for the next model(s), I'm still undecided between Magenta MkII and Voltaires... suggestions? 


With artistic flourishes like that, I'd like to see what you can create on Italian models!


:) Italians are being considered as the next fleet, but not while my 2210 pts. of RoF are still unpainted ;).


After all this Art Nouveau inspiration, however, I think I'll go for darker and colder colours... but we'll see. 

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On 16/4/2017 at 3:05 PM, Lord Nobody said:

I've never seen a gray deck, but it works! Oh how it works!

Sorrry, I did not have the notifications on :) - they're actually brown(ish), but the lights are grey, in order to desaturate them a bit.

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