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AsleepByDay's Terrain

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Hello all


WIP update on my barbed wire fence, I've tried to make this in line with how the quick play rulebook describes such a terrain piece.


The base is a strip of plastic card 8" by 1"

The seven crosses are made from some 1mm round by 8.5cm wire designed for crafting fake flowers.

They are spaced 1.25" apart with 0.25" clearance on each side, the holes are 0.1" in from the side.

I bent the wire into a U shape and pressed the ends up through the holes in the base. 8.5cm turned out to be a touch long resulting in some excess below the base so if I make more I will try shorter lengths.




I've painted all of the base a very dark brown.



Next up I will be adding some texture to the base.

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Hello again, here is th fence after some texture has been added to the base, I sprayed the entire thing with senic glue then liberally applied the shavings, dust and cuttings that litter the tray I construct models on.



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After that I added some more brown paint


After that came some flock, This took several layers to create the affect I wanted, here is one of the later layers:


And with some added tufts and the wire is the completed item:



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