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Legopirate's EOBS

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Hey All


I play at the same club as Karlsen and Shiba Yoma..   This is my Legions force so far, Karlsen particularly likes my ninjas, tee hee hee :)



Ashigaru Test Model




The Squad













Shinobi Assasins







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Guest Delboy

Great job!


Very neat, good colouring and stark highlights too.


I know its weird, given you painting skill, but I like your bases best.

The tufts and irregular style ties everything together, framing your work wonderfully.


Also, Kudos on the Forum-Name! :D

Everyone likes Lego and Pirates! :P

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Thanks for the comments folks  ;)


The paint jobs are quick n fast for the table, I've got another 10 models ready for final wash and highlights that I did in around 5 hours on Sunday.


I tend to paint in batches of 10 and I do all bases then all washes then all highlights which allows me to bang out alot of models in a fairly short period of time.   I should have my medics and second line infantry squad good to go by the club time on Saturday (circa 11am)


I need to acquire a kote at some point but first I need more ninjas and steam bikes! 



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