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Covenant of Antarctica Colour Scheme Database

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Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica Battleship by c0d3monk33, on Flickr

Painted my first Dystopian Wars with this slightly predictable splinter camo scheme. It's GW Fortress Grey, GW Codex Grey and GW Space Wolves Blue. Metal parts are painted with Vallejo silvers and bronzes. They feel nice and frosty on the table, as benefits cool headed scientists from the south pole.

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May as well start putting mine up, now that they're actually getting painted.

I present you with the Issac Newton and its escorts, part of the 4th Warfleet


I'll get a better picture of them later - my camera's dead, and had to take that shot with my Blackberry

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As im lacking to finish or even start my battleship ive decided to upload my colour scheme with my models ive done so far. They are in various conditions, some more or less finished others, like the dread need some highlighting for the blue, and some are totally WIP.




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