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Kingdom of the Britannia Colour Scheme Database

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Thanks! I can't really take full credit for the colour scheme, since I got the idea after seeing a similar fleet. The blueish grey is my own idea, though. The other fleet was dark blue.

The white of the Union Jack looks a bit dodgy in the pics, but on the gaming table it looks OK. I'll clean it up after the Easter holidays...

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My god, those are gorgeous!

Not meaning to try and steal trade secrets, but what's a rough breakdown of your system and which paint brands?


The bases on those Vanguards are crazy. I don't think I've seen anything like it. Almost thought it was really water, just needs some spray modelled on!

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Abit of a noob here, but how do you post pictures in your post? I want to share my KoB fleet :D

Easiest way I have found.

1. Get a Photobucket account.

2. Upload picture to Photobucket

2a. If you want edit picture (usually reduce the size a bit.

3. Copy the IMG code at the bottom of the list

4. Paste IMG code in post where you want the picture to be.

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