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Custom Scenario - Need feedback

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I'm running a 2v2 custom scenario tomorrow and i'd like some community feedback. First, it's important to note that I don't own Marauders of the Rift book so I don't know if this scenario already exists. Here we go:


Mission: Station Defense

The defending side must protect their station at all costs while the attacking side must destroy the station.


Fleet Composition

Determine who will be the defender and who will be the attacker. The defender MUST spend 200 points on Military Installations. One and only one model can and MUST be a Station. Military Installation assets may exceed the 20% MFP limit and are treated as a separate fleet for the purposes of fleet composition. In a teams game, each player on the defending team evenly contributes points toward the Military Installation models.

Note: A minimum of 800-points fleet composition for each side is recommended for this scenario.



Divide the Game Board into a number of areas of equal size, each area should be approximately 2’x2’ in size and border at least one edge of the Game Board. Each side will roll 1D6 for EACH area and on a result of 5 or 6 MAY either place ONE piece of Terrain OR remove ONE piece of Terrain from that area. Both sides must have rolled for an area before moving onto the next. The attacking player always rolls first for each section. 



The defender chooses a 4'x3' half of the table as their deployment zone which is limited to 8" from the center line or any table edge. The attacker's deployment zone is the opposite short edge of the table extending out 8". First the defender places the Station model anywhere in their deployment zone and 4" from any terrain feature. The attacker then places a squadron and the two sides alternate placing squadrons until all models are deployed (or shunting).




Scenario Special Rules

The defender's models may begin the game with Cut Engines tokens.
The Station model receives the custom scenario MAR Defensive Formation: Any friendly Medium, Large, or Massive model within 4" of the station (flight peg to flight peg) impedes line of sight to and from the station using the impeding model's flight base.

Game Length

Six turns.



Defender: The Station model must still be on the table at the end of turn 6.
Attacker: Destroy the enemy Station.



Please give your feedback on improvements that can be made or imbalances in the scenario. Thanks.

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I suppose that if I were to remove the benefits from the defender then I would be ok with that. The one thing that I can't live without is the Defensive Formation rule or something equivalent. I want to discourage the attacker ignoring everything else and focusing all fire on the station. I want the defending fleet to be in the way and I want that reflected in the scenario rules.

With that in mind I feel like if the installations are freebees for the defender then that makes it that much more imbalanced for the attacker. BUT I do like your suggestion as a variant to this mission because attacking a fortified position was never easy.


Do you think as the scenario stands it favors the attacker too much or does it feel balanced?

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Ok, maybe have a station on the far side of the planet? Or to the side? Can ships or wings be on patrol at the start of deployment? I like some rules where ships are in port and not ready and you role to activate them. Or you have reinforcements that can appear either from fold space or from a table edge.

How about they every force are assaulting the planet or attempting to destroy it? Dunno I just have lots of missions I want to run!

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