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Pipers PE ACP and some objectives

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Hi out there,

now I finished my ACP and a few objectives. The ACP is really a great model but I really ask myself how the hell will it be possible that 10 men charging out of it. They are packed like sardines in a tin.

The charge would be more some Laurel & Hardy action than a coordinated attack.


Here are the pictures, hope you enjoy it.


Greetings Piper








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By the way Piper, the Sturmwagen can only hold 8 infantry models, not a full unit of 10.


In addition to this, two of the embarked passengers will be up in the drivers compartment, so the passenger compartment only needs to hold 6 people.


Another important thing to remember is that the models have bases which are much bigger than the people themselves. A base has a diameter of just under 5 feet if it was real-life. This means that many more people could fit in an area that seems to be able to hold only a few models.


Now, lets compare the Sturmwagen with real APCs. The Sturmwagen is 5 inches long (or approximately 12.7 cm), and 2.375 inches wide (or 6 cm).

This comes out to 20 feet long (6.09 m), and  9.5 feet wide (2.9 m).


The SdKfz 6 was 6.325 m long and 2.2 m wide. This vehicle had its crew and still carried up to 15 passengers.

The modern APC's that I've seen have always been very cramped, but I think the Sturmwagen is very reasonable, albeit possibly a bit short. It's not nearly as cramped as the Patriot IFV that the FSA have.

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