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Goggalor's FSA Legion - Starting with the Patriot.

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Hi all. Just started painting my legion at last. I have started with the Patriot as I love the model so much. Here we go then...



The unboxing, one of the best bits of a new model



The hidden detail, a bit of a shame



And it is gone.



The basic colours are down.



A couple of details and a wash of the tracks to take that glaring shine away. Unfortunately I am away so the light is a bit weak, hence the flash which makes everything a bit bright.




then a wash with black to highlight and pick out details. That is as far as I have got, next up is the detail work and a bit of experimentation with tank make-up.


thanks for looking!

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Wait, what am I missing, how did you get yours so fast, I thought they weren't released yet?


Edit, never mind, I had the Patriot confused with the new tank. Great job either way!

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