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Adapticon Firestorm Demos: A Smashing Success

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For those of you who don't know The Black Ocean and Firebase Delta attended the Adepticon in Chicago last week. We were there to promote Firestorm Armada in all of our Spartan Vanguard regalia. We ran demos for two days and had a great turnout!


For your knowledge here is the info for Adepticon. I recommend going to connect with a bunch of great gamers at a great event.


Below are some links to photos from both of our Facebook pages.



Adepticon 2013 Friday and Saturday


Adepticon 2013 Coverage


The Black Ocean's Adepticon Photos


Overall we had an awesome time. Looks like we may try to to get to Gen Con next year.

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Saw the pics on Facebook.... Wish I could be there.  :(

(And wish I could get those movement template too!!)




Yes Spartan was capitol with their support. We gave away a starter box of each of the main factions fleet and the new turning template to everyone who came by.

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Out of curiosity, among the goodies I can make out the Hermes, the weapon platforms, the Veydreth destroyer and...something. Is it something yet unreleased, the thing leftmost in the pic? (also, are the veydreth destroyers resin inthis pic?)


Anyway, sounds like lots of fun (andhard work..23 demos for a weekend, sheeh! :) )

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Any details you can give about how you ran your demos? I might try doing that at my LGS.


What I saw them doing was mostly setting up small duels between cruisers. It gives a complete newbie the opportunity to get the feel of range bands, exploding dice, and the turning template without worrying about the details.


I think that's a little too simplistic for most audiences though. I tried this at my LGS, and it worked really well: each side gets a cruiser and 3 frigates. You get all the above plus the concept of linking fire when you're shooting at a larger target, and the alternating activations that is one of my favorite features of the game. It's still nice and quick, and it keeps you from having to deal with the protracted slugging match as two battleships try to finish each other off!

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