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Kid's Western Train

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Still not decided on the 'theme' for Dystopian Legions yet.


I've actually done a load of box hedges and a topiary swan for another 28mm steampunk game to resemble an English Victorian garden, but it's a project still in progress. Might make an interesting backdrop for a Prussian raid on England's green and pleasant land, but probably wouldn't want to use that for all my games.


I'm tending to go towards an industrial drilling setting as I've still got odds and sods from a previous attempt for 40K. Drilling for Sturginiam would give a good objective for raiding scenarios or fighting for control of these important industrial resources (or something like that).


So a wilderness style setting with some kind of drilling rig/cranes/etc with a railroad to haul the stuff away.


I picked up one of the train sets my mate has got - currently in Poundstretcher at a reduced price of £5.99. For that price I couldn't really go wrong.


Having got it home I unpacked it to size it up against some FSA models.



IMG 0991


IMG 0992


IMG 0994


IMG 0995


It's a good match scale wise, and the train will roughly fit on the two straight sections of track. With some paint (probably in the distant future) it'd look even more suitable.


IMG 0998


The track has 2 straights and 6x 60 degree curves, which can either make a bend or a wavy line, which is probably more useful than a circle as I want the track to run from one board edge to another.


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Awesome, it was looking into trains for my own table and could only find expensive scrap model ones, I'm going to pound stretcher on my way to the gaming club tonight

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It's got 'telitoy' on the back of the box.


My mate bought his back in February - when I went into the shop back then they didn't have any left.


I went in on the offchance they might have one when I got back from a job yesterday, so they've had a restock. 


I think they had another 2-3 sets available in the store local to me.


They also had a larger train set which was about £15 (it included a platform and about 6 carriages I think) and a separate engine which was reduce only £1 (might have been £2), but I thought the trains looked a little smaller.


If you are in the UK, I could see about getting a box for you tomorrow, but I'd have to charge the cost of the train + postage. Otherwise I'm due back at work and won't get the chance to go there for another 2 weeks or so (can't turn down work in the current climate, and you never know when the next job after that might be).

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