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DAGabriel in the EotBS - Steambikes!

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Hi guys and gals,


freshly joined today and wanted to show you what I managed to paint fot my EotBS already. C&C welcome since I am trying to improve my painting with time.


Troop 1 of my Ashigaru








Shinobi 1




Shinobi 2




Am working on No 3 and waiting for the next order to arrive!

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These models look really great, especially the bases are nice. I like the style of the ninjas.

If you ever visit Wiesbaden, we have to make a game :D


Greetings Piper

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It does look a bit Tonka - I think that's what I like about it, it doesn't look like a standard our-world issue military vehicle. It marks out a difference. For me, the Kote is the friendliest of the APCs, and this one looks great. I know how hard it is to get a yellow that works, and that works. 

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