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Battle PE against the FSA - 2 games with 120 P

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Dystopian Legions Player,

here comes
the new battle report. It was my first game against the FSA. We played two
games with < 120 P. The game was against Thorin, I think he will also say a
few words about his army.


PE FirstGame:

1 Lieutenant (Tier 3)

8 Grenadiers

1 Specialist

1 Sergeant

1 Medic

2 Teutonic Knights

1 Teutonic Marshal (Tier 1)

Total 119 P
(6 CP)




The first
game was very fast. We placed our models in two parts, the veterans against
each other and the Infantry in direct line. The Knights moved forward, the
infantry also.

Here some pictures of the models:


First the




And here the PE





I think the first big fault was, that Thorin moves straight forward against my infantry.
But his effective range is lower than mine, so I could make some nice an easy
shooting and killed the first models. The better way would be to get the hard
cover of the building to come near enough for his effective killing zone.





At the end of two turns I killed all of his infantry and he decided to make a duell
against my Lieutenant. You see the nice dice (for me). Because of  > 3 more successes he lost 2 LP.





On the other side the Knights moved forward and made some constant shooting. At the
end with 15 blue dice in effective range you got no chance to survive. We
decided to end the game here and to play a second one.






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PE Second Game:

1Lieutenant (Tier 3)

7 Grenadiers


1 Medic

1 Kettenkarre

1 Oberst Hahl (Tier 2)

Total 114 P
(7 CP)





The game began much better for the FSA and they made the first blood. His veterans with
Orlington moved into the wood (no move penalty for the unit, but for
Orlington). I split up my Infantry, the Grendiers moved with Hahl to the woods
and made some bullets fly. The HMG was in range of the Lieutenant and was also
shooting at the veterans, The Kettenkarre becomes independant (card) and moves
an fired in long range. The FSA split their unit, the man with the mortar
attack take hard cover and the half infantry moves onto the bridge shooting
into the right side of my grenadiers on the way to enter the woods.





The Lieutenant activates first on the PE side and get in Command Range of the
Kettenkarre, the FSA fired and killed two infantry before the woods, the Lieutenant
screamed something like " Fahr zu Du faules Pack und zerquetsche ihnen die
", and the engine of the Kettenkarre screamed loud onto the
brigde into the FSA Officer and his men. It was bloody and the screaming and
crying of man heard all over the battlefiled. They have to move the shortest
way out of the driving Kettenkarre, but the wall of the bridge is stone and
impassible, bones broke, no way out. At the end one man standing seeing his
dying Officer and camerades, alone hearing the devilish laughing of some
Prussian Officer.




In the woods Oberst Hahl failed his charge. The FSA tried to fire with the mortar attack on my
kettenkarre. With 4 successes it could be the end of my ironclad, but after
mesureing his own veterans are only 7" away and your own units have to be
>8" away to use the attack. Sorry but the Kettenkarre was still





At the end Hahl was Duelling Orlington and won. The Kettenkarre killed two infantry men
and we decided to end the game.







things to remember:

+ if you have a shorter effective range take cover

+ if there are ironclads be sure you have a chance to get out of their way

+ duelling Hahl is a bad idear

+ I like my dice

+ 8" are closer than you think



Hope you understand the report and enjoyed the reading. Was a lot of fun. In the next
few weeks we will try to make another video battle report (with the new
transporter) in english with a little more rules.



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Thanks for your report!


Yeah, I made some serious mistakes in the first game but I have to get used to my troops... well I just took the bloody route.

My learnings were that the wilderness section ist really totally senseless. No firepower to threat any kind of section and no survivability as well. And I had my Doc to babysit them which wasn't to his flavour either. They really need an NCO, the independence MAR or an Charakter that fits to their play style.

My FIs did well... so far. At least I had no luck in my dice throws.

In the second game I had to learn that ironclads are bloody hell for infantry AND LIEUTENANTS if they stand with their backs agains a wall (or any kind of hard cover) and a tank is overrunning them...


But I had very much fun anyway. Thanks to Piper for the great games.


By the way, my deployment in both games was:




8 FIs

1 FI Specialist

1 FI Sergeant

1 Observer


Doc Orlington


2 Buffalo Hunters

2 Scouts

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