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FSA VS PE 150 points

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Hi all, my first attempt at writing up a battle report, didn't take any photos as we were worried about time restraints.


My Prussians:
Mainstay block 1, 9 men inc srg and specialist
Mainstay block 2, 8 men inc srg and specialist (British mainstay acting as a proxy)
2 Tectonic knights
147 points

Mainstay block 1, 9 men inc srg, specialist and observer
Mainstay block 2, 7 men inc specialist and observer
buffalo hunter unit with 2 scouts and 2 hunters
Doc orlington

Table 4' across 5' wide
The table had a ruined building in each corner, a central objective and 2 large craters placed on the horizontal centre line each halfway between the centre and the board edge creating three clear lines of advance across the table.

I deployed my large mainstay into the building to the right and the smaller one to the left with oberst, while the LT hide behind the knights in the centre. The FSA deployed the small unit and the doc opposite my large and the large opposite my small with the bufflo hunters and the LT in the centre left in heavy cover.

Turn one:
everyone advanced apart from the buffalo hunters, the FSA LT moved to support the FI unit. My LT failed the command test for forced march, I did however play a card on my large mainstay allowing them to run 16' :)

Turn two:
I won the initiative activating my large main stay they advanced a full 6' and fired into the smaller FI unit at rb2 I also added anther 4 black dice from a card, the hail storm of shots left a single man standing along side the doctor, that single man failed the moral test gaining a shaken marker. The single remaining FI rifleman activated in return failed his moral test and gained a second shaken
marker setting him on the path to flight.

Oberst activated next taking command of the mainstay nearby advancing and firing into the larger fi unit killing 3, they activated in turn killing 1 of the Grenadiers.
The LT acitaved sucessfully applying verval foot to ass to force march the knights into RB2 of the buffalo hunters killing one.
The hunters activated and killed a grenadier in the smaller unit whle the doc killed one in the other unit.

Trun three:
The doc would regret advacning into rb1 of the grenadiers as they charged him, oberst and the mainstay he was with failed their charge, the knights force marched again, gunning down all but three of the larger FI squad while in return the FSA killed all but three of the main stay following oberst.

The melee phase ended with the Grenadiers taking the upper hand but inflicting no wounds.

Turn four:
I lost initiative and the last remaining members of the mainstay near oberst all died where they stood, unphased oberst charged one of the FI, the knights advanced again flanking the hunters gunning them all down. in the melee phase oberst killed the single Fi when the grenadiers lost the upper hand because I can't roll.

Turn five:
the knights advanced on the combat between oberst and the FSA LT + 2 remaining mainstay. the the melee phase the Grenidiers wounded the doc while oberst held his own.

Turn 6
The knights chagred into combat with the FI killing both, oberst dueled the LT inflicting a wound, the greniders killed the doc

Turn 7
The two knights and oberst killed the FI LT. Game over

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