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Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Veydreth

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Ambush. Veydreth are masters of the "Null Deployment" strategy. In many cases the battleship is the only ship on the board, when everything else either shunts or jumps up from an Ambush marker, giving your opponent very little idea what is turning up where.

Yes this can go wrong, and as you say, no extra defensive measures, but wrong footing your opponent can really pay off. Granted I am not the best one to be speaking on Veydreth, but this is the jist on using them.

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The good: Open arcs, great boarding ability, lots of mines, above avg speed - Well suited to hyper aggression. Fly right into enemy formations and board, mine, shoot, brawl like demons (or perhaps dragons).

The bad: Mediocre defensive stats, sometimes with more Hull Points to compensate - This usually leads to a high HP ship losing lots of dice to damage degradation. Cautious, defensive play will probably get you picked apart before your ships can do anything useful.

The ugly: No SRS whatsoever - Very vulnerable to enemy torpedoes and SRS, this compounds with the soft defensive stats.


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