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Official Thread: Britannian Raj

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I posted the following in the KoB Forum - but it's natural home is here, so I am reposting it..


We also have the long-ago "A Storm is Brewing" blog, which showed us the Zamburak class bombard. I'm not sure how many others noticed this - but the unit is wheeled, not tracked. This may be a 'national trait' for Indian units, a visual reference to the Real World "India Pattern" Carrier. I'm expecting to see the following for India in the future.

Landship - Agra class as a possible name, based on the Lysander chassis, with a variant topper for the Mk I.

Medium - Wheeled tank with poor off-road performance, good guns and armour. Squadron size about 4, blister size 4-6

Bombard - Zamburak class - again, wheeled vehicle, really big gun. Expect Bunker Buster and/or Devastating Ordinance. Squadron size and blister size 3.

Light - Possibly something similar to the foxhound, but with a different weapon. Part of me sees the "Tank with a trailer" style
of the Foxhound, and considers a Flame Weapon variant, like the Churchill Crocodile. Again I see a squadron size of 4-6, and a blister
size of 10.

Special - Possibly a Medium Wheeled APC for Indian Infantry.

It will be interesting to come back in a few months and see how accurate I am.

I am going to need another tray for Commonwealth Armour it looks like.


[second Thoughts on above.  With the new releases, Spartans been making an effort to make the blister and squadron sizes for Armoured Clash match up. Let's cut the Medium down to a blister of 4, and the light to a blister of 6, as per the Steward and Foxhound)

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Not only. These are pre-release models. I dare not speculate on what that means for spartan's overall release schedule, but these bombards will be sold separately at some point in the future. Or at least that's my reading of it...

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I'll see if I can get some pics up of the true model next time I go to the painting table.

Not sure what my Raj colour scheme is yet, need to see more models! So I'll get a resin and metal shot to begin with, then once we know more and I've made my mind up I'll post finished colours.


May get round to taking pictures for a painting thread for the rest of my forces too then!

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