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Official Thread: Prussian Scandinavia

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31 minutes ago, Der Hochmeister said:

So, I've gotten both the main Teutonic box and the Teutonic half of the two-player box. I am fairly certain that both were purchased in the time limit to get the special extra stuff. That makes for a Teutonic Fortress, a Sibrand Metzger, two Arks, four Eider MKIIIs, two squads of tesla gunships, two squads of tesla frigates, and a squad of heavy frigates.Even if I didn't get the pre-order bonuses, that's still two Arks and two Eider MKIIIs. It strikes me as a bit too top-heavy. Are we going to get more small/medium Teutonic models soon to alleviate that? Or will we need to order Prussian Empire models as an allied force for that purpose?

I imagine that they are going to get at least 1 more small.  They are getting a carrier so I can see them getting a Corvette and or a Escort.

The torturous wait for a ORBAT continues!

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Starting Thursday I will be attending a Historical Miniatures Con, (Historicon). On Saturday I will be hosting two DW games a Demo followed by a Beginners/refresher game.

It was advertised as a 2.5 intro, I figured it was a safe time frame back in March. I am on the hook for $25 with a  forum dweller as to whether the ORBAT side of the rules would be out in time. I suspect I am safe on that.

I will, of course, make do.

I will be making use of the posters and map that came with "KS .5." I may even have time to paint one or two models. (I have more than enough ready)

Strictly unofficial, simply an opportunity to get recruit players in a target rich environment.

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@Der Hochmeister given your forum handle, this statement comes at no shock to me! 

I am counting down the days until I have the list polished and set ink pretty form for you guys. The entire Northstar release has been a whirlwind of awesome, and getting the STO (and those wily Canadians!) set up into a proper fleet-form has been incredible. I am confident you will love how they perform on the table and obviously... how damn good all this stuff looks!

The enthusiasm for the release from you guys gets Me charged up even more! :) 


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@Maccabeus I exist only to serve! Glad I could help out! :)

@Der Hochmeister if I have it my way, you gents will have it sooner than later. Have a few things that need to be pinned down with a meeting today. Finalizing some more details this week. Really want to get the ORBATS out for the STO and DoC early as all heck. But there is a lot of moving parts in the machine that need to fall in place for my antics to work out properly! :)


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