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Combined Forces Of The Southern Cross

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The Combined Forces of the Southern Cross are known by many names, depending on where they are and what their cover is.


To most of the population at large, they are the Knights Hospitaller of St John.


To a number of organisations, they are the Southern Cross Weapons Manufacturing Company


To the Australians (both Free and Royal), they are "The guys who work for that nut job, over at the Fiji Observatory. They actually think there's Bug Eyed Monsters on Mars."


Southern Cross Mercenary Units may be used by ANY nations fighting against the Invaders.


Southern Cross Support Units may be used by any nation




DR5 CR6 Mv8" HP5

P/S "mini beam turrets" (S) 180*arc 5/3/1/-


Minimum Move 0" Squadron size: 1
Turning Template: 45* Turn limit 0"


    Limited Resources
    Jettison Damage
    Recover Crew (may recover lost AP from any friendly vessel, including derelicts, by expending its own AP as a "boarding action")

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cost: 150pts

DR6 CR8 Mv7" HP7


Minimum Move: 2" Squadron Size: 1
Turning Template: 45* Turn Limit: 2"

P/S Broadsides (S) 7/6/5/-
The vessel is fitted with an internal Guardian Generator. May purchase Quick Launch for +25pts and/or Inventive Scientists for +10pts

MARs: Impervious, Docking Points, Double Decker, Replenish Crew, Medical Ship.

    Docking Points: the vessel may Launch/Land up to one Tenshi per dock using the same rules as a Carrier.
    Replenish Crew: when a Tenshi docks with the vessel, its AP is restored to its initial value during the End Phase.
    Medical Ship: up to one friendly vessel within 4" may have up to d3 lost AP restored during the End Phase on a d6 roll of 1,2 or 3.

note: The ST JOHN CLASS uses a Daedalus chassis, without turrets attached to it

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TEAM THUNDERWING (Southern Cross Mercenary Unit)

COST: 250pts for the FSMC QUETZALCOATL, its compliment of Fighterplanes, and Leutenant Commander Thunderwing.

The FSMC QUETZALCOATL is a FSA SAVANNA-CLASS SKY FORTRESS (worth 160 of the 250pts) with the following extra MARs:

    Combat Launch, Experienced Engineers, Radio Network, Night Flyers Upgrade

The 5 Fighterplanes aboard are highly-skilled veterans, and have the following TFARs:

    Acrobatic Pilots, Strafing Run (counts as the Sharpshooters MAR), Supercharged Engines (may move an extra 8" by burning an extra fuel point)

Lt. Cmmdr Thunderwing is an Ace Fighter pilot with her one-of-a-kind Blackbird-Class Fighterplane.

Utilising some technological advances from an artifact that even the CoA didn't know about (plus the fact Thunderwing is a genius) has produced an aircraft that is nothing less than a masterpiece. The Blackbird is a Fighterplane, but with the following upgrades and TFARs:

    Acrobatic Pilot, Convoy Duty, Evasive Manoeuvres, "Ghost Lights" , Extra Machine Guns, Miniaturised Sturginium Reactor, Rapid Fire, Strafing Run, Superior Engine, Strategic Objective (100pts), Night Flyer.


Evasive Manoeuvres (while flying without a CAP, you may force the enemy to reroll up to 1AD of their attacks)
"Ghost Lights" (when flying by itself during twilight/night, halve your AD)

Miniaturised Sturginium Reactor (this plane does not use Fuel to move at full speed)

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CNS MAKO (Southern Cross Mercenary Unit)


Also known as a DAMOCLES-CLASS Pocket Battleship, the Mako superficially resembles an Aristotle-Class Battleship, with the upper hull-section of a Prometheus-Class Dreadnought. The signature particle accelerator has been replaced with a variant of the Epicurus' Launch Turret, with the torus assembly, at the rear of the vessel, replaced with racks of drones that feed into it.

Minimum Move: 2"
Squadron Size: 1 model
Turning template: Large

DR 5| CR 9| Mv 6"| HP 8|
AP 7| AA 7| CC 4| RR -|

MARs: Close Air Support (3), Ice Engines, Inventive Scientists, Major Resource (CoA), Minor Resource (everyone else), Wave Lurker

The vessel is fitted with an internal shield generator for no points difference, which may be upgraded to an internal Guardian generator for +20pts

The two main turrets(P) each have a 270* arc of fire

Any of the Main Turrets(P) may be replaced with ["not from a Hawk Rotor"] Main Turrets(S) (270* arc) for no additional points, or with ["not from a Lexington"] Rocket Turrets (360* arc) for +10pts each. If fielded in a CoA fleet, it my change its Turrets to Energy Turrets, as per usual.

The broadsides(S) have a broadside arc of fire

The Fore Bombard(P) has a Fixed Channel

The Fore Bombard may be replaced with an Enhanced Drone Controller (CAP gets Well Trained TFAR) for +5pts

The Launch Cannon(S) has a Fixed Channel


Main Turrets(P) 7/6/3/1

Main Turrets(S) 6/5/2/-

Rocket Turrets  -/3/4/5

Broadsides (S) 9/7/5/2

Fore Bombard 8/7/6/5

Launch Cannon (S) 7/3/-/-

Energy Turrets (S) 4/4/4/4

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I have kit-bashed a Tenshi http://community.spartangames.co.uk/in/photostream along with an Hospital Ship (counts as an Olympic/Titan)


the others should be easily-built from kits already made by Spartan. (two of the units are just "standard" sets with either bits added, or removed)


The CNS Mako will wait until my next big order (seeing as i'll need to use the parts-service for an Aristotle hull and Wavelurker template, Prometheus upper-hull, Epicurus turret-tip, and Epicurus/Hetrodotus drone-rack)

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