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Guest Delboy

Delboy's Thoughts On Playing Armoured Clash

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Guest Delboy

also, did you active each battalion as an individual pair (as rules surgest) or as a rolling effect - ie, when one card runs out of detachement, the next card is turned over - our feedback (whilst excellent in all regards) doen't really make this clear.


I await turn 3 (with the assault rules as 'was') with interest.


I'll make sure I also amend the posts to clarify the activation-flow. We did play it as you described, but a specific mention of the method cant hurt. Thanks Kbog! :) Also, our game used the clearer Assault-Mechanic in the new AC draft, so it should be easier for folks to follow.



Quick question for Delboy -in the most recent turn did you stack the Spotting Mrkers for the Prussian artillery?

In a post in the Q&A section there is a clarification from Chris Worth that whilst all Battalions in a formation can spot only the best result is applied I.e. there is no stacking of results (good or bad).




This seems to be a ruling, so I'll change my post. When we played the game, we used the stacking system, but if that's changed, I'll make alterations. Thanks Ologotai! :)


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Guest Delboy

Now for Turn 3!

With nothing to choose between us and my faint on the left flank now discovered, the game is going to come down to this turn I reckon. I've lost my Airship with its solid Command Points bonus and LoS-free firepower, so its going to get bloody pretty fast.


I reckon I will need to think about boarding to break the Russian line, but with the Dreadnought and Orlovs holding the centre still, my confidence is slipping!


Remember this game was played a while back and some of the rules have changes since then. I will try to amend where possible and if folks spot any glaring mistakes they shouldn't hesitate to post in this thread and I'll try to correct the errors.


Turn 3 – Part 1
We brought our Game Cards back up to 5 and pooling our Command Points we have 9 for me and 7 for Mike. We both set our Order of March, and I elect to play my 'Seize the Initiative' Turn Card. The 'Sieze the Initiative' Game Card allows me to add +2 SUCCESSES to the turns initiative roll. Mike chooses not to play a card and cannot stop me so I pay the Command point cost [putting me at 8CP now] and we roll off.


Not surprisingly I win the roll and turn over my first card – The Artillery Regiment <cue a long groan from Mike!>




I start by activation the Recke Command vehicle. Its imperative that I achieve 2 things with this activation.


1 – Mike's Poltava Tank battalion must die! [its worth 1VP and I don’t want him running away if he activates it first!]
2 – The Orlovs need to be 'spotted' early. I don’t care if the spotting attempt fails, I just want to make sure I get the chance to get close enough to possibly pass the test and get a positive marker!


Starting with the Spotting attempt I decide to play another Game Card...the oddly titled “You forgot to carry the one, sir!”. This card allows me to re-roll the Spotting attempt if I'm not happy with the first result!


At this range and as a non-spotter unit, the Recke needs 3 successes from the test. As a Regular troop type this means I need to roll very well on 3xBLUE. I vaguely considered using a Command Point to improve my dice to RED, but given my rapidly decreasing CP-pool I decided to take my chances [after making the Spotting Attempt I have only 6 left].


I only manage to roll one success, even with the re-roll, so the Orlovs are Spotted, but not positively. This isn’t too much of a problem, as I will only be losing one dice at this range.


Now the Recke throws its AD at the lone Poltava. With 4xBLUE and 4xRED Attack Dice its no surprise that the little Russian Tank is removed in a screeching blast of electrical ordinance.


I announce I am scoring 6VPs.


Mike now turns his activation card and reaches for the Dreadnought. Targeting my Field Guns mostly because they are in range of everything, the Kursk rolls a mighty 19xBLUE Attack Dice ...[something I have him check twice! 19AD!?....gulp]

Without preamble, Mike rolls needing 5+ to hit and scores 9 hits and takes my once mighty Field Guns down to just three guns left...... yikes!


True to their brave actions earlier in the battle however , the gunners refuse to give ground and do not take a Disordered Marker!


I now activate my Bombards, who despite firing at a negatively Spotted target [and so drop a colour in effectiveness], roll 8xBLACK Attack Dice at the damaged Orlovs [its one less because the target is negatively spotted].


I score 5 Hits! Ordinarily that would be insufficient to damage an Orlov as it has a KR of 6. But the earlier specualtive shot from my Airship managed to damage the vessel so its KR 5 value is taken instead of KR6! Since the damaged Orlov is the nearest model in the Battalion it is removed!


Taking his Disorder Check, Mike fails! And receives a Disorder Marker!...goody-goody!


Rather than bring his surviving Orlov into range of my heroic [if battered] Field Guns, Mike chooses to activate his Dive Bombers, who move into the town – not to take it, but instead to threaten anything that tries to!


I then activate my Field Guns, fail to spot the Dreadnought behemoth that is bearing down on me,  throw my mighty 3xBLACK Attack Dice from my Field Guns at the mighty Kursk....and don’t hit it once......obviously the Field Guns have had enough!


Mike now tries to get the Orlov into range to fire. The surviving unit has a Disorder Marker so must test to see if it can activate at all! As a Regular troop type, the Orlov would be rolling 3xBLUE command dice, needing just one pass due to its single Disorder Marker, but just to make sure Mike elects to boost this, spending 2CP to move the test first into RED and then once to give him the desired extra dice ....and promptly fails to roll over 2 on 4xRED dice!


Mike is distraught...... although I must confess I bore his discomfort with a certain degree of poorly suppressed glee....... :D



Turn 3 – Part 2

My next activation card is, not surprisingly the Infantry Regiment.

I activate one of my Infantry Battalions holding the right-flank objective [Obj#3], but with nothing in range to shoot at, even with the field guns, I pass my turn.


Mike now turns his second activation card – Right Flank Shock Armoured Regiment....or what’s left of it! The Small tanks don’t get bogged down – thankfully! And swing out from their cover to engage the lone Artillery command Recke.


At 4” away, the Tikhvins get to make use of their Point Blank MAR. Point Blank ensures the lowly 2xBLACK Attack Dice from the tanks becomes BLUE instead!


With 10xBLUE Attack Dice, the small tanks exert a bloody revenge upon their foes, scoring 8 Hits. The Recke has a 1xBLUE Shield generator with which I might save up to 2 of these hits, but that would still match the required KR6 of the vessel so the Tikhvins succeed in destroying the Recke with ease.


Mike now announces he is scoring 6VPs.


Next I announce my other battalion of infantry in the right-town will activate, fail to spot the heroic Tikhvins, and then promptly fail to roll any hits with my Field Guns...... oh dear! :unsure:


Mike now turns over his final activation card – The Left Flank Shock Armoured Regiment. The choses to play his 'Engine's Stoked' card and moves the medium tanks at Full Steam Ahead to just in front of the Objective #1.


With a trumpet clarion and the thunder of hooves, I now call upon my glorious Cavalry to enter the fray! Blitzing through the woods unhindered, they fall upon the Russian Small Tanks!


Boarding actions are still permitted if a battalion goes at Full Steam Ahead, so after paying my 1CP cost, I move the Cavalry into range [2”].


Delboy Note – This is actually incorrect! Boarding ISNT allowed when on Full Steam Ahead – We made a mistake in-game, and only realised it afterwards. Both of us thought that given the laughably poor movement values for infantry ….even cavalry, that this should be reviewed. As this game was a playtest exercise when we played it, I've kept the mistake in so folks can discuss possible changes, etc. Also its clear that the volume of AP Attack Dice available to infantry is probably too high! Keep Reading!



Sadly for me, the darn infantry in the town failed to kill anything when they fired, as I was hoping to put a Disorder Marker on the tanks before I assaulted [this would have given me an additional +1AP.....making the cavalry 3AP each!.....that’s 36AP!!!!]....but I'll just have to settle for 24AP instead!


Mike's total for the battalion was 10xBLUE Attack Dice. Both of us are Small Targets, so rolling off we score...


I score 8 Hits....very disappointing! :unsure: 
And Mike rolls 6 Hits.....


Now we roll off using our combined AA values.
My infantry have no Ack Ack to cannot roll off!
The small tanks have 6xBLACK AA dice [combined] and manage to roll 5 hits!


This means the final damage rolled by both sides is :
Cavalry take 6 Damage.
The Tikhvins take 3 Damage.


The results are compared to the AP values for each player's element. The Cavalry simply lose 6 points of Company Strength and the Small Tanks [with their 1xBLUE AP] lose 3 Tanks!


What a disaster! I really expected to take him to the cleaners there!.... :angry:


To make matters worse, the darn Cavalry failed their Disorder Check and took a Disorder Marker as well! :o



Turn 3 – Part 3
Mike elects to 'rag-out' an activation by passing with his Small Tanks in the left-town [Obj#1].


I now move the Infantry command Recke to finish off the job that the Cavalry should have executed, firing at close range against the Tikhvins. And succeed in wiping them out.


I know announce I am scoring 7VPs.


Mike then brings the remaining Landship forwards to engage the Small Waltze tanks that are poised to contest the middle town.


With 7xBLUE Attack Dice needing 5+ to hit due to my Small Target...I'm not worried...

But I should have been! Mike rolls 9 hits – Awwww Come On! :blink:  :wacko:  :blink:


3 Waltze are destroyed and....yup I fail my Disorder Check – typical!


I now activate the final Recke in my Infantry Regiment. With nothing really worth shooting at, I throw a speculative 4xBLUE Attack Dice against the Dreadnought.... and fail to scratch the paint.


Turn 3 – Part 4
Mike only has one activation left, so he moves at Full Steam Ahead with his Repair Vehicle [presumably to show off the fact he has plenty of CP left!]


Now I move forwards with my Small Tanks to try and take the Central Town objective [Obj#2].  I don’t have the move to get in yet so the battalion musters just outside, ready to enter next turn.


Free to act without fear of getting shot at immediately I now move up the left-flank mediums forward to fire upon the Small Tanks sheltering in the left-town [Obj#1]. The Small built-up area provides a slight measure of protection [in this case a 1xBLACK Shield Save].


Rolling 6xBLUE Attack Dice, the AV-5s, despite needing +5 to hit manage a very respectable 7 hits! Now the Small Tanks get to roll their Shield Save [provided by the cover they are in!]. The tanks can roll 2xBLACK saving dice because 2 of their number is likely to be destroyed by the shot. Mike only manages one save, so 2 Small Tanks are removed as Destroyed.


Luck is not with Mike as the unit fails its Disorder Test, despite getting a CP-push from Mike's pool, and the battalion takes a Disorder Marker. :P


Now I try to move in to finish them with my own Small Tanks, but, with a Disorder Marker of their own they must take a test to be allowed to activate....and fail....gaining another marker and do nothing this turn.


Moving up the right-flank AV-5 battalion I throw their AD at the Land Dreadnought – because its the only thing I can see.... I get close to the initial KR with a very good roll, but its not enough to do damage.


Now the Sturmpanzer moves forward, using the road to increase its movement. Firing up its Tesla Cannon and turrets, the engine builds a 8xRED + 5xBLACK Attack Dice Pool! :)


Rolling I manage to get a total of 11 hits! Exactly what I needed to damage the vessel!


Without shields, the Kursk shudders under the assault, but continues its advance regardless.....


None us us have anything left to activate so we call an end to the turn!



Final Turn Position

Delboy is scoring 7VPs

Mike is Scoring 6VPs


Delboy's Thoughts
I'm not as sure of myself as I was after the last turn. The Orlovs are weaker, and the Land Dreadnought is damaged for sure, but I've hardly scratched the other Regiment on the left flank and my artillery is struggling to spot anything now that my HQ Recke and Spotter Tanks are gone. Mike has clobbered the Field Guns too and but for a poor roll, I could have lost then entirely.


I also have a number of Disorder Markers which might well break my army entirely if I start failing tests!




Mike's Thoughts

Much better. OK, so I lost one of my regiments.... but I have the Dread in position to strike and the Orlovs while halved in unit strength are still ready to enter the middle objective and contest it. I even have a unit of Dive Bombers ready to strike.


Losing the Poltavas was a bit of a blow, as I was planning to use the Resupply rule on the Dreadnought to boost them for later, and the brutally efficient way Delboy removed my Small Tanks meant I was actually happy they at least managed a VP trade with the Recke.


I'm not is as bad a position as I was at the end to Turn 2, so I consider the next turn to be my chance to really bring the hurt.


More to Come!
Well that's it for Turn 3!

I'll post Turn 4 in a week or so!
Where the Russian Dreadnought's boarding troopers prove their worth!



Cheers for reading,

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Many thanks for this - it's been exceptionally useful for helping get a grip on the rules as well as being a great narrative.

A couple of questions if I may:

1) As I read the rules it costs 1 CP for ALL battalions in a formation to use "Full Steam Ahead" correct?
2) Can you help me with the Aeroplane questions I posted in the Q&A thread please
3) If I try to improve the Command check for a battalion that starts its activation outside of a command distance from its HQ the CP cost is doubled - correct? Therefore if I try to improve a regular unit's Command check from 3 Blue dice to 3 Red dice it costs 2CP, and it costs 4CP if I improve it to 4 Red dice?
4) if a formation HQ unit is destroyed, that's it for that formation I.e. they will always have to double the CP cost for anything they try to do?

5) the rolls needed to hit in Assault are not deemed to be "Ranged Combat" and theefore a MAR such as Small Target has no impact?


Many thanks



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Guest Delboy


Many thanks for this - it's been exceptionally useful for helping get a grip on the rules as well as being a great narrative.

A couple of questions if I may:

1) As I read the rules it costs 1 CP for ALL battalions in a formation to use "Full Steam Ahead" correct?

2) Can you help me with the Aeroplane questions I posted in the Q&A thread please

3) If I try to improve the Command check for a battalion that starts its activation outside of a command distance from its HQ the CP cost is doubled - correct? Therefore if I try to improve a regular unit's Command check from 3 Blue dice to 3 Red dice it costs 2CP, and it costs 4CP if I improve it to 4 Red dice?

4) if a formation HQ unit is destroyed, that's it for that formation I.e. they will always have to double the CP cost for anything they try to do?

5) the rolls needed to hit in Assault are not deemed to be "Ranged Combat" and theefore a MAR such as Small Target has no impact?


Many thanks




Hi Andy!


I'll try to answer your questions in turn....


1) Hmmm. I must have made a mistake there :rolleyes:  [either that or we are using an older playtest version of the rules.] We have been playing it as 1xCP per battalion. This puts a real pressure on folks' CPs and, if I'm honest, I prefer it that way. Resource Management being a core focus of any Command Point gaming system. :)

2) PM me the link and I'll pick the designers brains directly :blink:

3) Good Question - To my mind the answer is yes....but at the increased cost. B)

4) Yes. Its pretty much a death sentence....which is why HQ vehicles need to be protected from flyers and TFTs!! :wacko:

5) This is one we debated amongst ourselves. We have suggested that Small Target MAR be ignored because of the reason you stated, but further gameplay is needed by the wider community on that one to be sure I think. :)



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Guest Delboy

Now for Turn 4

Here is the starting position.


Overall the last turn was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Sure I managed to wipe out a regiment, but in terms of capturing objectives, I'm no further forward than I was when I started the turn. The central objective is going to be a real struggle to capture due to the darn Dreadnought and Orlovs. I also am a bit worried I wont be able to clear them out before the untouched Shock Regiment on the left flank engages...... Time for a plan..... [Which mostly involves throwing everything at the stuff in the centre] :unsure:


Turn 4 – Part 1

Pooling our Command Points and redrawing our cards, we roll off for first activation. Neither of us are willing to give up vital Command Points to increase our chances, so on the roll ….. I win [unfortunately – I was hoping to lose it and make Mike commit first]

Seeing an apparent opening I activate me central Waltze battalion and swoop towards the repair vehicle that has been shadowing the left flank Landship all game. I'm just within 8” so open fire!....with 10xBLACK Attack Dice and the target only having KR3 the small tanks have no difficulty in eliminating the repair vehicle.


Next up, Mike activates his dive bombers. It took us a while to figure out the rules here, and I'm sure they have changed since our game, but in our version of the rules the Dive Bombers were entitled to go on a bombing run, by spending a CP and moving at their higher speed.....


When rolling to defend my little Waltze put up a good fight, shooting at the enemy with their 2xBLACK Ack-Ack...... but its not enough and so with 9xRED Attack Dice, the targeted Waltze Tanks were nothing but vapour after the smoke cleared.....


Mike now announces he is scoring 7VPs.


I now activate my AV-5 medium Tanks and move in towards the dreadnought. I'm within range to deliver the full firepower of the battalion so this should be well worth the price of admission!


With a total of 9xBLUE Attack Dice and 6xRED Attack Dice ….<...activate Smug-Mode...>.....this is gonna be great!

Rolling against the Dreadnought’s reduced KR of 6/6/6 [NOT 11/6/6/6 - thanks to the artillery bombardment earlier in the game]

I manage to roll a disastrous 6 hits in total! Just enough to force a Disorder Command Check, and a damage point, but hardly enough to slow down the behemoth! ..... <...deactivate Smug-Mode....>


Mike sensibly pours 1CP into the check [He has a Disorder Marker, so needs another pass and despite the RED Command Dice he would be rolling he simply cannot afford to fail this test as it would give him one more Disorder Marker and should I be able to force another out of him later in the turn the mighty dreadnought would be removed!]......Luckily for him, he rolls 3 passes and the Dreadnought shrugs off the worst of the effects.


Mike now activates his damaged Orlov [passing his command check due to the Disorder Marker] and moves to engage the Prussian Mediums. With a solid 8xRED Attack Dice at close range and the AV-5s with a KR of just 4, the Orlov smashes apart one vessel and only just fails to destroy another. I pass my Disorder Test [just!.....after dropping one of the dice into my pint by mistake...]


Turn 4 – Part 2


I now activate my left flank AV-5s desperate to deny Mike the objective on that flank [Obj#1].
With just enough speed to make the Assault Range of 2”, I move up to tear into the Russian Medium Tanks with every gun I have.

With a total of 9xBLUE Attack Dice and 6xRED Attack Dice and my confidence shot to pieces after the right flank battalion fluffed their dice......


I manage 9 Hits! THATS MORE LIKE IT!!! This kills outright 2 Kamchatkas and Mike fails to pass the Command Test [despite putting 2CP into the test to roll RED Command Dice] and gains a Disorder Marker.


Now on to the boarding. The Russian Small Tanks have a Disorder Marker, so this should be a simple case of mopping up..... famous last words...


The Russian Tanks have 2xBLUE Attack Dice in total.
The Prussian Tanks in range [...one of them is just out of range] have 8xBLUE


Rolling off the Russian tanks score double 6! and do enough damage to wipe out an AV-5's AP, destroying it!

The Prussian tanks, presumably in a mixture of rage and disbelief, comfortably kill off the Russian AP and the vessels are both removed.


I now announce that I am scoring 8VP and Mike has lost 3VP taking him to 4VP.


Not to be outdone the Russian Dreadnought activates next, passes the Disorder Check with ease [spending Cps like sweets to do so!] and Mike plays his Hard Impact Game Card, targeting my Sturmpanzer, so that it takes a Bogged Down Marker with a value of 4xRED. [which we decided to roll for when the Sturmpanzer activated...mostly to build the tension!]


…..and then its big guns fire. Targeting the AV-5s with a terrifying 18xRED Attack Dice [...that cant be right!?...Check again!!....Dang!] the resulting fire-storm removes all three vessels in a hail of metal and burning fuel......ouch!


Next the Dreadnought turns his attention to the Sturmpanzer. With a successful spotting attempt, the Dreadnought starts by firing the Mortars at the Bogged Down vessel. I think Mike made a mistake here as the Sheaf Fire MAR needs a vessel to die in the battalion for the remaining vessels to gain a Bogged Down Marker [...I think he was hoping a Sturmpanzer with 2x Bogged Down Markers would not be in a position to reinforce the line when it activates, but in the rules it states that a battalion may only ever gain one Bogged Down Marker.]


Rolling the 8xBLUE Attack Dice, the Dreadnought causes a very reasonable 7 Hits. The Sturmpanzer has a KR of 7/5/6...just enough to give the Sturmpanzer a point of damage! Taking the Disorder Check I pass [because I added in a dice!]....Phew! I really didn’t need to run the risk of getting a Disorder Token on top of everything else!



Turn 4 – Part 3


Now its the turn of my Sturmpanzer to activate. Rolling the Bogged Down value brought about by the card, Mike rolls 6 Hits!.....That means if I'm stuck there!.... I guess I'll just have to stay and shoot then.....


Playtester Note – The wording on this card really needs tightening up. It doesn’t say if the value fluctuates or is permanent turn to turn. What happens when this is dropped on a unit of small tanks with a KR of 2.....an average roll means the unit will never move again?!

Without being able to close to Range Band 1 the firepower of the Sturmpanzer is seriously curtailed. Rolling only 5xBLACK Attack Dice and [thankfully] 8xRED Attack Dice my only target in line of sight is the Dreadnought.


Sadly I manage only 4 Hits, not enough to give it a second point of damage...!


Mike now activates his remaining regiment [the left flank regiment] and pours CPs into passing a Disorder Check for the remaining Medium Tank. The vessel moves into the town, passing its Bogged Down test, has an 'Extra Charge' Game Card played upon it to boost its Attack Dice to RED, and then opens fire on the remaining 2 AV-5 tanks – Killing one and making the other gain a Disorder Marker!


Blimey!..... now that’s what I call a Power Play!.... sure it cost loads of CP to pull it off, but my AV-5s are now in pieces.


With things looking a bit grim, I move my Prussian Cavalry up to threaten the Land Dreadnought next turn...if there IS a next turn!


Now Mike moves up his Landship to within 2” of my remaining AV-5 and opens fire on the Waltze blocking the road – Killing 3!...and of course.... they take a Disorder Check which they promptly fail [...my dice have truly deserted me it seems!]


In the boarding action against the Disordered AV-5, the Landship manages to wipe out all the crew with contemptuous ease.....


Mike now announces he is scoring 8VPs [2 for the objective and one for the battalion kill.]

Turn 4 – Part 4


Moving in for the kill..... kinda.... I decide to throw everything, including the kitchen sink and harsh language at the Dreadnought and Orlov.


Oddly the Infantry Regiment has been something of a 'bit-player' so far, restricting themselves to just holding the right flank objective and taking some pot-shots at damaged formations..... but this is their moment.


The force commander announces over the radio that it is to be their honour to strike the killing blow, and the eager Infantry Commander rushes to comply with his superior's wishes.


Firstly I move up the Command Recke and try to spot the Dreadnought.....and succeeds!! [although it did cost me a solid chunk of CPs to do so!] Next he opens fire upon the surviving Orlov. Scoring 5 Hits! - With the Orlov having been damaged in a previous turn, the mighty vessel is finally destroyed.


I announce I'm scoring 9VPs.


Next up the other Recke opens fire on the listing Dreadnought. At close range the Recke pumps out an impressive 4xRED and 4xBLUE Attack Dice....and just manages to cause enough to match the KR of the Dreadnought!!!....just one more flurry of shooting against the vessel to go and its all over!


Also, luckily for me the Speerschleuder's Lightening Rod ability on the Recke counts as spotting the target!...giving it 2 Positive Spotting Markers!!!


Now its time for the lowly Field Guns, mixed into the Infantry Regiments to fire. Its at their extreme range of 16” meaning they have 6xBLACK normally....but with the 2 positive Spotting Markers these upgrade to 6xBLUE instead....AND get +1 to hit because the Field Guns are Electrical Weapons.


This might actually work!!!


Nope - I fluff it again, rolling only 1s and 2s....<....shakes fist at the uncaring sky....>


Time for the next unit to have a go!.....spending my last Command Point.......


This time Lady Luck stops watching X-Factor and starts to pay attention to my repeated [bordering on stalking] entreaties......... and I roll 6 Hits!


With the Dreadnought on its last point of damage and a KR of 6, the mighty warmachine, spirit of the Oprichnina, finally grinds to a halt, smoke and fire billowing from its wrecked hull!


I glare at Mike daring him to have another 'Dud' Game Card and ruin everything....but no!......Victory!!


I now gleefully announce I'm scoring 10VP.


With no more target in range of my artillery, and with Mike's force in tatters, we decide its probably time to call it a day.

The final Victory Points Total being :
Prussians 10VPs
Russians 8VPs

Outcome : Draw


Delboy's Thoughts

Damn that was close! With so much dead on both sides, in the end I think its fair to simply call it a draw and be happy with that....although I claim a moral victory for killing the Dreadnought!


Made a few mistakes in the activation order in that last turn that might have made all the difference. I probably should have simply 'ragged out' so that I could have used my Armoured Panzer Regiment at the end – That way I might have been able to soften the Land Dread and Orlovs a bit before sending in the main force.....And I hope never so see those dice I rolled for the Sturmpanzer and AV-5s EVER AGAIN!


If we had played on, Mike would probably have got his Landship into the central objective and I might have struggled to get him out, but sadly time beat us both.


All in all though, it was a great game, played in a good competitive spirit and there is no doubt that Armoured Clash will be a firm favourite amongst our gaming group.....besides...given our 'collective-chronic-collecting' impulse, we now have an excuse to build mega armies!


Mike's Thoughts

Just one dice away from saving the Dreadnought!!! But with the central objective nominally in the hands of the Prussian Empire I guess the Prussians are good for the win.


Russians are really solid in Armoured Clash, and I'm pleased with everything I fielded. OK, reading through Delboy's posts in previous turns, he had considerably more tactics than I did....and if I'm honest if it weren’t for some catastrophic dice rolls from him in the last turn the game would have been a 'cake-walk' for him....but WHO CARES!..... I got a draw and could have won!


Lots more games of Armoured Clash planned. The rules are a working document, something I'm very relieved at, because there are a few inconsistencies I'd like to get ironed out before publication. But as a open-source test-document its a great start I think.

And That's That!
So that’s it for our first battle report.
I'll try and keep up with any rules changes and make amendments where possible over the coming weeks. I really recommend folks give this game system a go.


Hope folks enjoyed the report.

Cheers for reading,

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Guest Delboy

Cheers everyone! :D


It takes a while to get one of these reports down. But the end result is pretty cool I must admit.


I have a few notes regarding a game we just played using the new scenarios posted in the Blog [...which are awesome by the way!] and if I get a gap in the design schedule for D-Wars I'll post another report soon..... Covenant vs Brits. :ph34r:

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Thanks for posting these reports, gives a good feel for the game for those of us who haven't had a chance to unleash our brigades onto the field of combat yet!!!  :D


I'll hopefully be getting a game in next week and after having read this I really can't wait!

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