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Guest Delboy

Delboy's Thoughts On Playing Armoured Clash

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Guest Delboy

Well its here! Armoured Clash!


After a long wait, with labour pains like you wouldn't believe, we have the baby for all to see! :wub:


With more Formations being announced weekly, here is my first stab at a small 1500pt list from the forces I have painted!

Although I cant wait until I can use the Teutonic Order in all its majesty.... Bring on the Robots!!!! :P


I'll add in some pictures and a battle report soon! :D



Prussian Expeditionary Force

Armoured Regiment *

Combat Formation [Compulsory*] 

Generates 3 Command Points



HQ – Sturmpanzer [180]

Medium Tank Battalion – 3x A6-V [120]

Medium Tank Battalion – 3x A6-V [120]

Ironclad Battalion – 5x Waltze Small Tanks [80]

Ironclad Battalion – 5x Waltze Small Tanks [80]

Infantry Regiment

Combat Formation

Generates 2 Command Points 



HQ – Recke [80]

Heavy Transport – Recke [70]

2xInfantry Battalions comprising : 2xLine [6] +1 x [6] Field Gun  [90]

1x Cavalry Battalion [12 strength....need 2 Tokens]  [50]

ASSET – Forward Planning [20]
Artillery Regiment

Support Formation 

Generates 2 Command Points 



HQ – Recke + Field Gun Battalion [12 strength.....need 2 Tokens] [170]

Bombard Battalion – 3x BS-3 Bombards [180]

Ironclad Battalion – 5x Waltze Small Tanks* [80]
    *Gain Spotter MAR for free*

Air Support Asset

Corps Formation 

Generates 4 Command Points



HQ – Gewitterwolke [180]


Total = 1500pts [exactly!.....I love it when that happens!]

11 Command Points.




This early force should work well against most forces and in most scenarios. It also has the benefit of having a bit of everything in it [...mostly so I can give the rules a good going over by trying everything!]


In terms of overall table-strategy, I reckon the Armoured Regiment will lead the line with the Infantry in direct support to claim objectives and the Artillery providing fire support against likely boarding targets.


The airship is there initially to give me a few more Command Points and so I can try out bombs! Later the airship could be dropped without a problem so that I can take a few more bombards if the situation requires it.


Well..... that's the theory.... lets see how it stand up to battlefield conditions!



Cheers for reading,


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Looks like fun. As you said, you have a bit of everything.

I'm not sure what I will do until the Recke comes out. I dislike proxies and it is the HQ for 2 battalion types. Ah well.

I'm also eager for the Teutonic Order units to show up. I'm wondering if you can field them as your main force or only as allies. As much fun as Metzgers or the Aufesehr + Faust combo is in DW, I know I won't play Armored Clash without them.

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Looking over this list (looks good, by the way :D I love the diversity), I thought up a question about the Mobile Artillery Regiment. The command element (Recke + field guns), do they count as the same Battalion once the Field Guns are disembarked? If not, does this allow the Recke to not move, deploy the Field Guns, mark the enemy battalion with the Speerschleuder, and have the Field Guns unload in the same activation? If they're within 4", that'll allow the Field Guns to be throwing 12 red AD hitting on a 3+...

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Guest Delboy

As promised, here is a brief battle report that highlights some of the rules and gameplay mechanics that come with Armoured Clash.

The game pits my glorious Prussians [...feel free to cheer!...] :D against my long standing nemesis Mike [aka. Kabbage on the forum] and his perfidious Russian Coalition.[...feel free to boo!...] :angry:

My army list is shown above, but here is Mikes too..

White Army Aggressor Brigade
Shock Armoured Regiment *
Combat Formation [Compulsory*] 
Generates 3 Command Points

HQ – Belgorod + Repair Vehicle [170] + [70]
Medium Tank Battalion – 4x Kamchatka [150]
Ironclad Battalion – 6x Tikhvin Small Tanks [80]

Shock Armoured Regiment
Combat Formation
Generates 3 Command Points

HQ – Belgorod [170]
Medium Tank Battalion – 4x Kamchatka [150]
Ironclad Battalion – 6x Tikhvin Small Tanks [80]
Asset – Structure Undermined [30]


Armoured Battle Brigade Detachment
Corps Asset
Generates 3 Command Points

HQ – Kursk [300]
Heavy Tank Battalion – 2x Orlov [200]
Light Tank Battalion – 4x Poltava [100]

Total = 1500pts
9 Command Points.

Lets begin with the pre-game sequence [page 13 of the Armoured Clash book]

1. Decide Game Size – We opted for a 1500pts Game to start with! Why?.... it was as much as we both had given the ORBATs available and painted models to hand.

2. Decide Scenario – Rolling on the table we rolled up the Take and Hold Scenario [which seems like a good place to start all in all] and generated 3 Objectives.

3. Build Forces – Not really as difficult as it would seem!....it was as close as we could get to everything being painted. We had to use a few proxies for the initial game, but only those that weren’t out yet!....

4. Set Up Terrain – We followed the suggested method, filling ¼ of the board with terrain and then alternating the deployment.....We also agreed to put one of each 'built-up area' type down as it gave us a chance to try out the rules.

5. Roll For Game Board Edge – With the terrain seemingly balanced, the roll for board edge seemed of little interest so when I won I made the classic-gamer-mistake of taking the side I was already sitting at...... but, given my tactics in-game [explained later] I wish I'd spent more time thinking about it!

6. Deploy Objectives – After placing the terrain we decided to put each of the objectives close to the centre point since no benefit is gained by either player due to the scenario conditions......and cos it looked cool. B)

Here is a map of the tabletop after all terrain and objectives have been placed. I've included a few key elements to help folks get to grips with the terrain sizes and Objective placements [listed as Red 1,2+3]


Objective 3 was moved 2" to the southeast as part of my Forward Planning Asset. To make things neater on the tabletop and for report purposes, we decided to move the large built-up area too


[**edit - I've changed the background to Desert to make it a bit easier to read - hope it works**]

7. Deploy Forces – I'll not put up the Deployment Map just yet. This should give folks an opportunity to second guess the tactics and [probably] come up with a better plan of action!

Feel free to post your thoughts regarding how you would deploy!
I'll post up our Deployment and initial tactical thoughts soon....

Cheers for reading,

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Guest Delboy

Here is the pic of our deployment. With what looks like a terrifying amount of firepower arrayed before me, I couldn't help feeling a bit worried.....maybe taking a balanced list wasn’t such a good idea afterall....wish I had more Big Tanks now....



[And of course Mike counted how much I had deployed on the board and his sense of grubby anticipation at the slaughter to come was palpable....]



Delboy's Deployment+Tactics


S = Sturm Panzer
M1 = Medium Tank Battalion
M2 = Medium Tank Battalion
I1 = Ironclad Battalion
I2 = Ironclad Battalion


A = Gewitterwolke Airship


RH2 = Command Recke
FG = Field Guns Battalion [transported in RH2]
Brd = Bombard Battalion
Isp = Ironclad Spotter Battalion


RH1 = Command Recke
R = Recke
G1 = Grenadier Battalion [transported in RH1]
G2 = Grenadier Battalion [transported in R]
Cv = Cavalry


Oddly I reckon I probably didn’t have enough to take and hold all three objectives once battle was joined, so decided not to contest Objective 1 at all, but needed to make it look as though I was....


So I plan to feint left towards it once the game begins, draw the Russians out of position, and then swing back again towards the central fire-zone surrounding Objective 2 with my main Armoured Formation in later turns. Hopefully I'll get there with enough strength to be able to take the town [of course I'd be against a Dreadnought and 2 Orlovs... which are very scary!]. The Gewitterwolke is to provide fire support to my feint and hopefully pick off an Orlov as it moved towards the central town..... and if it makes it.... I might get to try out the bombs!


Objective 3 is to be taken by the Infantry Formation under support fire from the Artillery initially, then the Artillery will fire at any formation moving to reinforce the central objective. As part of my Asset Choice, I moved the objective D6” [...in this case a disappointing 2”] to the southeast reasoning that if I could stretch the numerically inferior Russians out a bit more I might be able to ambush their Formations individually


In terms of battlefield reserve..... well in such a small game I reckon its down to the teenie-weenie Spotter Waltze Tanks attached to the Artillery to stand up and be counted..... I just hope they are up to the task!




Mikes Deployment+Tactics



LS1 = Landship
M1 = Medium Tank Battalion
I1 = Ironclad Battalion
Rp = Repair Vehicle


LS2 = Landship
M2 = Medium Tank Battalion
I2 = Ironclad Battalion


Dr = Land Dreadnought
Or = Orlov Heavy Tanks

Pol = Poltava Light Tanks
T = Tiny Flyer Dive Bombers


“No problems with deploying here. I'm just going to use the 3 Formations in the Brigade to capture or neutralise anything that is sent towards the 3 objectives individually [i'm very glad there aren’t  more than 3 Objectives on the table!...I don’t have the formations to cover them!]


I am a bit worried about Del and his famous 'tactical-shenanigans', as he is bound to have a surprise or two up his sleeves, so I've taken an Asset [structure Undermined] to put a spanner in his battle-plan. However this is secondary to the awesome might of the White Army!......with my Dreadnought and Orlovs holding the centre and two Armoured Formations ready to move into support - the centre objective is as good as mine! And with such heavy firepower bearing down on the other objectives, pity the Prussian fool who stands in my way!”


[Del's Note - Cocky git, isn’t he?] ;)



Turn 1 to follow soon!
Cheers for reading, and feel free to comment.

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Guest Delboy

Right. Lets get started!


I'll try to make sure that all the terms I use in the report match the game rules with page numbers used for the tricky bits so players can read the text and refer where needed to the core rules.


Here is a key that will help folks decipher what the maps mean in terms of firing, damage, movement etc.. Its not perfect I'll admit, but hopefully it is enough to get the point across.


Phase by Phase Breakdown

Command Point Phase
Without too must fuss we pooled our Command Points with the Prussians having 11CP [4x2 for Regiments and 1+2 for HQ Bonuses] and the Russians having 9CP [2+2+2 for Regiments and 1+1+1 for HQ bonuses].

Order of March Phase
A simple matter of organising the 4 cards I had, and 3 cards for Mike into the preferred order of our activations. Having one more 'activation' at this point seemed to me to be an advantage. So I put my Airship first [in an attempt to lure out a manoeuvre by the Russians], followed by my Artillery [who would try to take the hill quickly and get into position for next turn], then my Infantry [who would try to get behind Objective 3 ready to take it later] and finally my Armoured Tanks [who had their divert-orders explained above].


Turn Card Phase
No turn cards can be played in the first turn of the game, so we skipped this step. After this we elected to draw our game cards - taking 5 in total [which at the time seemed loads considering how many Regiments we had each and the fact that the decks were only 26 cards.....] I got a good mix of Turn Cards, Reaction Cards and a few handy gunnery cards too!.

Initiative Phase
I won the Initiative Command Roll and made Mike go first.

Activation Card Turn Phase
Mike turns a card first..... typically Mike/Russian....its the centrally placed Heavy Armoured Battle Regiment.

I then turned over my Airship card.




Turn 1 Begins!
Mike elected to move his Orlovs forward first using their 'Full Steam Ahead' speed [mostly because he thought my airship would be out of range!] This action costs him 1CP. He then passed the activation to me.


I move up with my Airship next, turning off to present the Orlovs with my broadside guns. With a Long Range of 24”, I'm just within range so was rolling 6xBLUE dice with my broadsides......
Given it was the first time we had used the cards I then got a bit excited and announced I would play my Good Hit card [costing 2CPs]..... to which Mike promptly played his Risky Business card [costing him 2CP...rolling a 5] and made sure if I wanted to play the card it would cost me 4CP instead.


...... “What the hell...I've the soul of a gambler - I'll do it!”...I spend the premium required. Mike now has 6CP and I have 5CP.


Good Hit allows me to add +4 BLUE dice to my pool, giving me a total of 10xBLUE dice. Hopefully this should make a dent in those darn things!


Rolling, I manage 7 Hits!....Pretty good!


Checking the Kill Rating [KR] of the Orlovs we come to a rule that has its roots in Firestorm Invasion – Multiple Kill Ratings. Put simply - bigger things take more killing.


With a KR of 6/5 the Orlovs need 6 hits to take a damage token then after that 5 further hits are needed on down the line to kill one [this means to kill an Orlov outright in one shot you would need 11 hits!]


All in all, I'm pretty happy with the result, having weakened the Orlov unit slightly with what was, a speculative effort, boosted by cards....I just hope I have enough CPs to go around later in the turn!



Turn 1 – Part 2
Next up Mike moves his Dreadnought using the Engines Stoked card [costing 0CP] to ensure he didn’t have to pay CP when ordering 'Full Steam Ahead'. He was unable to fire due to the mortars on-board being just out of range, but it wouldn’t have mattered as any battalion/unit that moves on 'Full Steam Ahead' cant fire usually anyway!


With no outstanding units/battalion to activate on my present card, I turn over my next activation card – my Artillery Regiment, and move up my spotter Waltze tanks up behind the hill.


Mike moved his Poltava Tank Hunters forward using a CP to go 'Full Steam Ahead'.


Next up I move my Bombards using my Engines Stoked card [costing 0CP] when ordering 'Full Steam Ahead'. The Bombards cant move+fire anyway, so not being able to fire when on 'Full Steam Ahead' is no big deal.


The final activation in the Russian Heavy Regiment was to move up the Dive Bombers to keep pace with their parent unit.


Finally, the Prussian Artillery Command Reche moved forward using a CP to go 'Full Steam Ahead' and deployed the Field-Gun Battalion they had on-board into a firing position on the hill.


At this point its fair to say we have BOTH been spending Command Points like they are sweets.....
Mike has 5CP and I have 4CP.


Turn 1 – Part 2
Next Activation card for Mike is the left flank Shock Regiment.


He pays 1CP for the Landship, Medium Tanks and Small Tanks to move up using 'Full Steam Ahead', with the repair vehicle tagging along behind..... have I lured him into my feint?


Mixed into this I turn over my Infantry Activation Card and move up with my 2 Reche [each with their Infantry still on-board] and my cavalry sheltering behind. All of these activations use a point of CP to go on 'Full Steam Ahead'.


I also turn over my final activation card – The Armoured Regiment, and move a Small Tank battalion towards the centre.


After all that 'stoking of the engines' we both have just 1CP remaining!....lesson learned....Don’t spend them like crazy!... you will need them later!



Turn 1 – Part 3
Mike turns his final card and moves up his Landship using his final CP to put it on 'Full Steam Ahead'.


I then move my second Small Tank battalion towards the centre.


Mike uses the road to allow him to move normally but using the 'Full Steam Ahead' speed value with his medium unit. [….Darn that rule is handy!...]


I then move my Sturmpanzer and

Medium Battalion behind the 2 Small battalions.


Mike finishes by moving up the Small Tank battalion to a position behind the wood.


I use my last CP to move my

Medium Battalion on 'Full Steam Ahead' into formation with the other members of the regiment, ready to attack in the next turn.



Turn 1 Final Layout
With the final exchanges of the first turn over, the layout of the battlefield looks like this.


The Prussians command the right flank hill with their artillery and Objective 3 is within their grasp!


The Russian White Army, despite taking some fire has moved in to dominate the centre with the right flank moving at pace to hold the line. On the left flank, the isolated Shock Regiment needs to swing towards the centre to assist in the Prussian cleansing.......or run the risk of doing nothing until much later in the battle!



Righto, that’s it for Turn 1!
Turn 2 is incoming in a few days.

Feel free to post comment, or discuss the tactical choices made by the players.

Cheers, and thanks for reading,

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Guest Delboy

Hi gojira01!


The programme is called Battle Chronicler.

Its a free and, whilst being a bit fiddly, makes for a really good mapping method for both D-Wars [Land/Air/Sea] and Armoured Clash.


Give it a try!




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Guest Delboy

Will do Cambion Daystar.


I'll kick one of the lads up the bum and get him to send me the pics of the game in play. Also it occurs to me its probably a good idea to take a pic of the Regiments before the battle too.


More to follow!



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Guest Delboy

Sorry its taking so long to get more posted!


Lots of deadlines at Spartan Towers this week! [....you folks have seen the Italians right?] :ph34r:


I promise I'll have Turn 2 ready for posting by Wednesday!



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Guest Delboy

Now for Turn 2!

I'm pretty confident at the start of turn 2 [...which is sure to give me the 'Kiss of Death' once I start rolling dice]. The Russians are spread out, as per the plan, and my Artillery are in place to fire! Not to mention I have a strong presence near the objective on the right flank [OB3]


Of course I'm not planning to contest the left flank objective [OB1] so I'm technically on catch-up once he moves into the town to take control, but I reckon that by forcing him to leave at least a unit there I can split his forces even more and start to pick him off before the boarding rush


Of course all this bluster may come to nought when the Orlovs and Kursk rain fiery death.... er... I don’t really have a plan for them if I'm honest!



Turn 2 – Part 1
We brought our Game Cards back up to 5 and pooling our Command Points we have still got our 11 for me and 9 for Mike. No 'Turn' Game Cards were played, so its straight on to the opposed Command Test for the first turn.


Mike chooses to gain the initiative by upping his command dice to Blue by spending one Command Point. We rolled off and Mike wins at a stroll [...in fact, he's have won it without the spending the CP!]




He decided to move his small tank battalion into the objective on my left flank. At the start of the game we decided the town representing Objective 1 would be considered to be a built up area with Small Buildings, so by moving the Small Battalion of tanks into the area, there is a risk of bogging down [see pages 19 and 20]. A Small Built-up area causes a unit of Smalls to roll 2 RED dice, but luckily for Mike [?!?] he rolls poorly, and does not bog down!


If he had managed to roll the KR of his small tanks he would have Bogged Down at the edge of the terrain, taking a Bogged Down marker and could not have moved that turn.


Mike now announces he is scoring 3VPs.


After this clear statement of intent, it looks as though he plans to try and hold the objective on the left flank..... <steeple fingers in 'Evil Genius' fashion>....... Excellent.


Now for my first activation of the turn – The Airship. I put this first in the order to try and draw fire from the Russians away from my right flank as they went about their business.... I'm not expecting miracles from this unit, but it would be nice to soften a few targets before I elect where I'm sending my Artillery Fire......


The Airship moves into 16” of the battalion of Russian Medium Tanks that are moving far too fast for my liking down the road towards me. I've got a rough idea that these guys are going to get an artillery barrage coming their way in the near future, but it will depend on if I get a bit of damage with the Airship....


The Broadside from the Airship is targeted at a little battalion of the new Poltava tank hunters.... I dont know what they do, so its better to splat them first!....


Rolling the fore Tesla [AD 6 Red] my luck is clearly 'on-station'!... 9 hits from 6 dice!

Looking at the Kamchatka entry in the Shock Armoured Regiment ORBAT we find that an individual vessel has a Kill Rating [KR] of 4, so that’s 2x Mediums destroyed, and the remaining 1 hit is discarded.


Brutal!... now for the Disorder Check...

As the Russian Medium Tank Battalion is listed as a 'Poor' quality vessel type [...I'm guessing because they are all Conscripts who would much rather be somewhere else!] the so the Disorder test is taken on Black Dice.


Not surprisingly, Mike decides to upgrade this to BLUE Dice [...he even considered RED Dice] to assist in the passing of the check – mostly because he hadn’t activated the battalion yet!


There are no enemy within 8” BUT the battalion below half strength, so he needs 3 successes from the 3AD BLUE Dice...and passes with comfort!...[cant argue with 2 sixes...] This means the remaining vessel does not take a Disorder Marker.


...still that’s 2 dead Ruskies and Mike is down 3CP already!


Now the broadsides.... With the Poltava classed as a Small Target [-1 to hit] and a KR of 3, I'm pretty confident [especially considering the dice I've been rolling!] The Gewitterwolke has a pretty good 8AD BLUE at this range, so.....


I score 6 Hits!...yet again the dice are with me! That's 2x Poltava destroyed.....

But Mike has other ideas, throwing down his Dud Game Card, and reducing my total score by -1. Irritatingly this takes my score just one below where it needed to be to stop another Polatva from being vaporised by gunnery..... darn.


Again though I manage to force a Disorder Check. Mike does not wish to upgrade his dice because his Poltava are classed as Regular, and so roll BLUE Command Checks... and he passes again!


His following activation is to push the right flank medium tank battalion on a 'Full Steam Ahead' Order to move the full strength battalion up to cover the captured objective [Obj#1].


I then activate my Infantry Regiment, activating my Cavalry first, going on 'Full Steam Ahead' to move into cover behind the wood on the right flank. I'm planning to have them lurk around that area to attack any vessels tat attempt to thwart my attempts to hold the objective nearby [Obj#3]





Next the Russian Landship moves up on the left flank, supporting the Small Tanks holding the town, followed by the Repair vehicle in his next activation.


In between this, I elect to move my HQ Recke at standard speed, and disgorge the Grenadier Battalion from the transport into the town on the right flank. [….after drinking all the town's beer, making some long distance phone calls, clearing our the town's fridges, etc....] They move to fortify their position, readying themselves to Occupy the Large Built Up area next turn.


I now announce that I am holding Objective #3 [Obj#3] and am scoring 3VPs.


Next I do the same thing with my other Recke, sending the transported Grenadier Battalion into the town, making a clear statement of intent that I intend to hold this objective come what may! Unfortunately only one Battalion may Occupy a piece of terrain, irrespective of the size, so these troops will probably find themselves relegated to a support role for a few turns!



Turn 2 – Part 2


Next, Mike actives his right flank Shock Battalion. He decides to move his Small Tanks through the wood in front of him.....I think I've scared him with my mighty Airship!


Again the Small Tanks must check to see if they Bog Down – entering a wooded area causes a unit of Smalls to roll 2 RED dice, and this time he does Bog Down, scoring 4! A Bogged Down Marker is placed by the unit and its move halts on the edge of the terrain!


I now turn over my next activation card – the Artillery Regiment and activate my Spotter-Tanks. If my artillery is perform to its best I NEED to make sure the target is Spotted!


Spotting is a mechanic that represents the requirement of big indirect fire weapons like bombards to fire with full effect.

My Spotter-Tanks are within 18”, and of course they are Spotters, so my Command test required 2 passes to work.... My Waltze Tanks are classed as Regular [and so roll BLUE Dice] but in order to help the success chances I upgrade this test by 2, using Command Points!


This ensures that when testing against the Landship I'm trying to spot I'm rolling 4 RED Dice needing the 2 passes! I know....its overkill, but I want the extra dice!


Good job I did too! I rolled 1,3,4,5 = JUST enough to positively spot the target! ...I know place a Spotted+ marker on the Russian Landship.


Of course it would have been possible to fail the test and still place a Spotted- marker....the vessel is still 'Spotted' as such, but my dice would have been reduced in colour or number as a result!

Now Mike starts to move up some of his heavier guns, activating the Landship and moving to point its firepower at the much vaunted Airship.


Easily within 16”, the Russian behemoth rolls 7 BLUE Dice.....  to which he smugly adds his own Good Hit Game Card..... ..... So now that’s 11 BLUE Dice...


Now its Mike's turn for the Dice Gods to smile upon him..... 14 Hits! …..Seven 'Pure' Sixes!....Ouch!


The Gewitterwolke has a multiple damage score of 7/6/5, so that’s 7 Hits for 1x damage Token and 6 Hits for another Damage Token, with the final hit being ignored.... [Although Mike said I should keep it and buy myself something nice....prat!]


I now decide to take a few chances. I have loads of CP left and I reckon its time to throw caution to the wind and see what happens. First I activate my Artillery Recke Command Vehicle, moving over the hill to draw its broadsides into arc of the Russian Medium tank. Pre-measuring with my Field Gun Infantry I find I'm within 16” [only just!] of the Landship, so adding 2CP to the Spotting Test [needing 3 successes due to not being a designated Spotter] I roll 4 RED Dice and succeed! Phew......


The Landship now has 2 Positive Spotted+ markers [This means that all firing at the target gains +1 to its colour or dice pool!]

When it fires its broadsides, the lone Recke tears through the KR4 tank [despite only rolling 4 BLUE Dice!].....


I now announce I'm scoring 4VPs.


Mike then activates his last battalion in the regiment – the single Kamchatka Medium Tank and uses the road to move into range of the beleaguered Airship.


With an evil smile, he throws down ANOTHER Good Shot Game Card, prompting me to ask him exactly how many of that card he had chosen to print off!....


The Medium Tank rolls 3 BLUE up to 16” and the game card adds a further +4 BLUE...... 7 BLUE Dice at the Airship.


The KR is now only 5, with its 2 Damage Markers..... and surprise-surprise.... he rolls more than enough to detonate the Tesla-batteries and destroy the vessel in a blaze of fire and electricity!


Mike now gleefully announces he is scoring 4VPs.


Now its my turn to roll.... I elect to activate my Field Guns first. I decide against trying to 'spot the Land Ship' with them for fear of affecting my dice improvement, so with 12 BLACK Dice normally, and the target Landship spotted positively twice, I get to upgrade these to BLUE instead!..... 12 BLUE Dice better make a dent in the thing or I'm going home!


Now I throw in my Good Shot Game Card....and add +4 BLUE too! <cue maniacal laughter!> I'd been saving it and now seems as good a time as any to use it. If only I had taken a picture of Mike's face when I slapped it down on the table..... [Of course both of us had used our Good Shot Cards from our decks so its unlikely we will get to use them again..... ]


Rolling, I get a very respectable 14 Hits! Despite having Defensive AA, the Landship fails to knock out a single hit! With the Belgorod having a KR of 9/5/5 that’s exactly enough to give it 2 Damage Markers! Taking no Disorder Check [because the vessel is a battalion on its own], Mike now angrily reaches for the regiment containing the Kursk-class Land Dreadnought..... OK, so this is going to hurt...


Next up for Mike in his activation cards is the central Armoured Battle Brigade. Mike chooses the dreaded Orlovs to activate, and they move forward to engage my Spotter-Tanks. Needing 5 or 6 due to their Small Target status, his combined 12 BLUE dice rip through the Battalion, killing only 2 - I love it when other people choke their rolls!...Naturally of course, I then subsequently fail my Disorder Check and gain a Disorder Marker [not as bad as it sounds given they have already activated and managed to 'spot' for my Artillery.]


Now..... my Bombards on the hill roar! My target, the damaged Landship is Spotted+ twice, giving me a colour+..... so my usual 9 BLUE Dice upgrade to RED instead! Rolling the 9AD - I get only 7 hits! Mike then manages to defend using his Defensive AA and removes 2 hits from the pool - Down to 5 Hits......Does Mike have a card?..... nope!

And the Landship, 'anchor of the Russian flank', becomes a blazing wreck!


Now that’s how you do it!


Of course the Artillery Bombards are now busy handing out the medals to themselves, while the hard-firing men of the field Gun Cadre are passed over completely.....but in truth, none of that would have been possible without good spotting and combined/coordinated firing across the regiment! …..To paraphrase Austin Powers – “Artillery is my bag, baby!”


I now announce I am scoring 5VPs.



Turn 2 – Part 3


Mike now moves forward the damaged Poltava battalion and opens fire on my Spotter Waltze – rolling 8 BLACK Dice needing 4+ to hit [The Poltava don’t suffer the penalty for firing at a Small Target because they are Small themselves!]


With his dice deserting him, Mike only rolls enough to kill a single Waltze! 8 Dice and only 3 hits.......<activate Mocking Mode...>


I move one of my Small Tanks battalions on Full Steam Ahead to present a threat to the enemy on my left flank...I wanted them to stay where they were!


Moving forward at a slow rumble, the Kursk closes on the spotter-battalion. With no other target in range, Mike gathers the 7 BLUE Dice and rolls needing a KR3 score with 5+ to hit...... and promptly obliterated the remaining Waltze tanks..... <sigh>


Mike announces he is scoring 5VPs.


I order another unit of small tanks forward to threaten the left flank forces.

Mike moves his Dive Bombers forwards into a position where they might threaten my forces that move to take the central objective.


To reinforce the left-flank deception [which I’m sure is starting to wear a little thin by now], I ordered a battalion of AV-5 medium tanks to remain where they were, ready to ambush my activation-shy Russian opponent should be choose to move the left flank battalions to bolster his centre.


Mike is out of activations so I now finish my remaining activations...

With the Sturmpanzer without a target to shoot at, I ordered it forward on a Full Steam Ahead Order so that it just reached the road – I'm going to need that movement later on I think!


Finally I moved up my other AV-6 Medium Tanks and took a pot-shot at extreme range at the Poltava Tanks.... 6 BLUE Dice later....I manage to destroy yet another Poltava....The lone survivor failing his Disorder Check and gaining a Disorder Marker!



Final Turn Position


Delboy is scoring 5VPs

Mike is scoring 5VPs

Delboy's Thoughts
Wow, what a carve up!


The Airship moving forward, doing serious damage before it was brought down allowed my to continue the plan of miss-direction [its a feint of a feint], but I really didn’t expect to lose it as quickly as I did.


With Mike electing to activate the left flank Shock Regiment so early [probably his biggest mistake so far in the battle], I felt I was able to dictate the final moves of the turn.


But all this pales into insignificance compared to the wonder dice [although I'm forced to admit there MANY would refer to them as 'jammy dice' instead......] of the Artillery Regiment.


These guys have almost single-handedly broken the back of the Russian Line, already pretty stretched out. From a strong starting position of a Kursk+Orlov centre with 2 wings of Shock Regiments, the artillery, by neutralising the combat strength of an entire Regiment [only the Small Tanks remain] have put the Russians seriously out of position and tipped the game in my favour!


The Spotting rules, I'll admit, probably need a few more examples [even now I'm worried we played it wrong] but on the table-top they are pretty intuitive when you get down to it. I was very surprised when reading the rules initially that Bombardment weapons cant fire at ANYTHING unless the target has a spotting marker, but I guess now having played it the intention makes sense in a lot of ways.


Mike's Thoughts on Turn 2

That could have gone better...


My biggest mistake was to activate my left flank Shock Regiment far too quickly. I thought it would be best to simply take the objective and wait for Delboy's Prussians to come to me. But now its clear he has no intention of engaging me in the fight for Objective #1!..... crafty sod.


This has put me out of position with a large bulk of my forces and I have little time [and now less Command Points!] to re-direct.


Losing a Landship to the artillery hurt a lot, but I have to admit Delboy played his Command Points well and ensured he had enough dice of the right colour to encourage good Spotting results. Even so, despite me getting some good cards that turn, having him dump on me with his final Good Shot card on his Field Guns [a battalion I had told him at the start of the game was rubbish] after upping his dice colour with Spotting hurt... a lot....


My only saving grace in that turn was the destruction of the Airship, which was proving to be a huge pain in the neck.....I don’t think I've ever rolled as many 6s on that many dice and I've been wargaming for 20+ years!


I'm also glad I've eliminated those pesky spotter-tanks! I really don’t want the artillery to open fire like that again. Personally I think Delboy has made a mistake putting the artillery on the hill, he could of just stuck them behind and done the same thing but with no risk..... but you cant argue with the results!


I'm not too disconsolate though....I do still have my Orlovs and Dreadnought [although one of the Orlovs is damaged]....and all of their big guns will be getting within range next turn..... Soon there will be a reckoning, my Prussian friend!


I also think I have enough speed to get my out-of-position Landship on the left into the right.....just wish I had another Engines Stoked card....[...maybe I should go print one off?..... JUST KIDDING!]


Next Report
Well that's it for Turn 2! I'll make corrections over the next few days [its hard to get everything correct at the first sitting!]

Next few turns are where the boarding troopers prove their worth on both sides!

I'll post Turn 3+4 in a week or so!


Cheers for reading,

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Thanks Delboy!

This is a great Batrep in the making and it is always really helpful to have a walk through style report to reference when trying new rules.

Great stuff!

PS. Please don't make us wait a week for turn three! ;-)

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Guest Delboy

PS. Please don't make us wait a week for turn three! ;-)

:D Thanks Tesla Knight!


Sorry buddy, but it takes about 6 hours to post each turn!..... :unsure:


Decoding the mess of notes we took in the game, fiddling with Battle Chronicler to get the notes to match the gameplay we both remember, then sticking the maps into photo-share software, writing up the game, checking with my opponent that I'm not playing fast and loose with the facts, then transferring the edited write-up to the forum, and finally trying [mostly without success] to get rid of all the typos and errors....!


Add to that the fact that I'm a complete tech-doofus with the typing skills of a monkey...... :blink: ....To be honest its a miracle it gets to the forum at all! ;)


But I promise I'll try to get another turn done by Monday.

....or maybe Tuesday......actually lets say Wednesday to be on the safe side... :P 

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Quick question for Delboy -in the most recent turn did you stack the Spotting Mrkers for the Prussian artillery?

In a post in the Q&A section there is a clarification from Chris Worth that whilst all Battalions in a formation can spot only the best result is applied I.e. there is no stacking of results (good or bad).



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also, did you active each battalion as an individual pair (as rules surgest) or as a rolling effect - ie, when one card runs out of detachement, the next card is turned over - our feedback (whilst excellent in all regards) doen't really make this clear.


I await turn 3 (with the assault rules as 'was') with interest.

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