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Fsa "texas" Glory Fleet: Twin Carriers

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Hi Guys


I am happy to be back!  :)


Is a long time since I do not participate in the comunity and I'm sorry, now I will try to catch up.
For any request, question or curiosity do not skimp by contact me!
FSA "TEXAS" glory fleet: twin Carriers


These are the two twin carrier that I modified and painted for a dear customer in Texas (...a short post the photos of the rest of the fleet).
I would like to point out to you the change I made:
 - on the rotors drive side (permuted from dreadnought),
 - on position of the aircraft on the above flight deck (on the carrier with green aircraft),
as well as handling the movement trays I have created for tokens wings.
I hope you like them.



If you Click on pictures, you can see entire hi res photo gallery.





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