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Marquis's Preußen

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Having been suckerpunched by Dystopian Wars, I've now been well-and-truly reeled in by SG with Dystopian Legions!


Have yet to start painting (beyond the black undercoat), but thought I would share my work so far, basing the Prussian starter set.



Process is relatively simple: I'm not sure what everyone else is doing, but I slot my troops in so that their feet are in line with the top of the chamfered edge, allowing the flocking to fill in beneath their feet. I tend to seal in the gaps in the slot with Yellow-Grey Milliput (although thinking of switching to Silver-Grey, having seen a friend use it). I then added on scenic elements from one of the Great Weevil's basing kits. The rubble/cogs flocking was achieved by mixing the pot of small slate from the above, with two 3g bags of small Steampunk Bits from Basecraft (see here), I 'painted' the recess in the bases with a thick layer of PVA, submerged in the prepared rubble/cog mix, tapped off the excess, then submerged in a pot of 'silver' sand (fine grade sand), and again, tapped off the excess: The latter step (submerging in fine sand) really helps with binding.


The plan is to undercoat in black (already done), paint the models, and then work on painting the bases, and adding weathering (going to experiment with powders for the first time!): Might seem odd to paint the bases, but the photos actually make them look much more 'realistic' than they seem in the flesh.


Anyway, hope you like!

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Unfortunately, I'm jumping straight from WIP shots of their basing, to the finished product:


Teutonic 1

Teutonic 2

Hahl 1

Hahl 3

Leutnant 2

Leutnant 3

Grenadier 1

Grenadier 2

Vierling 1


After much deliberation, I decided to go with a scheme based on the uniform of Saxony's 1st Jäger Battalion (No.12 by the Prussian order of battle), as it's something a little bit different to the usual Prussian Blue or Brunswick Black (Not that there's anything wrong with those mind!): Being a Sharpe fan, I also liked the idea of Jägers and Saxony's wore tunics in a darker shade of green than was typical for other German units. I thought it also fit the setting quite nicely, as Jägers (and their counterparts in other nations) were really on the cusp of a more recognisably modern form of warfare, and I figure the fighting forces of Dystopian Wars/Legions have probably gone through a similar, but much accelerated evolution, having to quickly get to grips with a whole host of new technologies and their impact on traditional 19th Century tactics.


Kept it simple for the Teutonic Armsmen and went with the standard black; decided to focus instead on the steam engine on his back, and the 71' on his arm: Really enjoyed painting this, as it's the first time I've played around with a combination of metallics, and had a go with some weathering pigments too; light green around various seals for steam/water-related corrosion, and soot/smoke on the stack, and various elements of the gun.


Not sure the photos do them all justice (the joys of using a mobile phone), but they give a good taster! All photos have been added to the gallery in the original post.


...birthday in a fortnight, so I'm hoping I might soon be adding some Kettenkarre-shaped reinforcements!

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I'm not entirely sure to be honest, they are indeed red and initially I was going to leave them the same colour as the cuff panels, to make them reminiscent of fabric covered buttons, but your question has prompted a rethink, as it would be more proper to have them in silver: I'm interested to hear opinions!


On a related note, I'm hoping to start work on the Kettenkarren next week, so WIP shots will follow shortly! Although I'm torn between using the same green as the Jäger or going all black like the Teutonics. At the moment, the former is winning out...

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